Hikvision in Verace de Sacca di Goro

In the Verace cooperative, bispectral PTZ cameras have been installed. Hikvision DS-2TD4167/WY and DS-2TD4228/W, A solution that combines thermal imaging and bispectral video.

Hikvision DS-2TD4167/WYTo protect 24 Hours of the day The clam farm in the open sea, The Verace cooperative of Sacca di Goro in Ferrara (Italy), has installed Hikvision's intelligent solution that combines thermal and bispectral video images.

This unit uses an in-camera machine learning algorithm to detect and track poachers entering the facility with small boats., and sends automatic alerts to cooperative members in real time.

By protecting the fish farm even in the most adverse conditions, Hikvision's solution ensures the commercial success of the cooperative and all its members.

The Italian clam farming cooperative needed technology that would allow it to combat thefts that occurred in its facilities.

For fish farms and shellfish restaurants, Robberies are a constant threat. Yes, In addition, They are located in areas with a lot of fog and poor visibility, The risk multiplies, as poachers gain access using small boats and steal valuable marine products before they can be detected.

This was the challenge facing the Verace clam growers' cooperative., in the province of Ferrara in Italy. Until recently, used a traditional CCTV security solution (Cctv), who often did not capture these small boats from poachers because of the fog. In addition, forced a member of the cooperative to have to be constantly monitoring the CCTV images, This was a task that involved a great deal of time and effort.

Thermal and bispectral cameras

Hikvision DS-2TD4228/WTo minimize theft and make security more automated and efficient, the Verace cooperative worked with a local Italian installer to implement an intelligent thermal and video imaging solution that included bispectral PTZ cameras from Hikvision DS-2TD4167/WY And DS-2TD4228/W.

No power sources available to connect to the grid in the open sea, The installation of a traditional security system was impossible, So the cooperative installed solar-powered cameras on small platforms..

As a key element of the solution, Hikvision's R+D team developed a machine learning algorithm for these bispectral cameras. Vessel detection based on deep learning, It allows to identify vessels of less than five meters in length, which are the most used by poachers due to their small size.

The algorithm designed by Hikvision allows vessels to be tracked using both thermal and video imaging technology, Even in the most adverse conditions, when fog is especially thick and there is hardly any visibility.

If the cameras detect a boat in the restricted area, an alert is automatically sent to a cooperative member's mobile phone via the HikConnect app, so that the user can view video evidence of the incident, which facilitates a quick and effective response.

How Hikvision's solution accurately determines the speed of vessels entering the fish farm, Co-op members can accurately assess the potential risk of theft and react accordingly.

Specifically,, if boats move quickly, The chances of clam theft are very low, while slow-moving vessels are more likely to be involved in a crime, so when raising suspicions they can be questioned by the security team if deemed appropriate.

A benchmark for protection in fish farms

Thanks to the Hikvision solution, the Verace cooperative has improved the security of its facilities, while eliminating the need to manually manage CCTV video sources. As a result, He is seeing how the economic losses generated by the theft of clams are reduced, while your workers have more time to take care of the main income-generating activities, instead of being aware of security.

Hikvision's solution is also helping the Verace cooperative protect its valuable clams much more efficiently than competing solutions., which often uses pairs of cameras and radar devices to track ships at sea.

With a single unit, Hikvision provides unspecified thermal and video capabilities of a radar unit, which means significant savings in equipment and maintenance costs for the members of the cooperative. In addition, being powered by solar energy, Its autonomous cameras do not consume electricity, which means additional cost savings for the company, while reducing your carbon footprint.

Thanks to the decision to install the Hikvision solution, the Verace Cooperative is a safety reference for fish farms in Ferrara and elsewhere, demonstrating the power of combining Hikvision's thermal and visual imaging technology to end the theft of clams and other valuable marine products, which also offers a quality standard.

In addition to detecting and tracking vessels, Hikvision cameras can also be equipped with a boat counting algorithm, that the Verace cooperative hopes to use in the future to know how many boats leave and enter the farm during a day, a week or a month, and whether thefts continue to occur.

By having a global and accurate vision of the ships that enter the maritime exploitation, the 24 hours of the day, the Verace cooperative is ideally placed to combat theft and protect its most important marine assets and, therefore, The livelihood of the members of the cooperative, thus ensuring that the fish farm will remain commercially viable in the future.

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