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Hikvision HikCentral Professional

The union of both platforms allows AppVision users to Prysm Software manage the security components connected to HikCentral Professional from Hikvision such as cameras, NVR and alarm systems, through a single, centralized interface.

Hikvision has signed a collaboration agreement to integrate the platform AppVision PSIM of Prysm Software With HikCentral Professional. The union of both results in a unified digital tool with which users can easily manage their security infrastructure with both AppVision and HikCentral Professional.

HikCentral Professional is a centralized security management platform that supports configuration and monitoring of all video security devices, alarm systems, Access control... and, In addition, Third Party Systems through their OpenAPI protocols.

For its part, Prysm Software's AppVision is a converged platform that supports centralized management of various security systems.

Hikvision HikCentral

The union of both platforms allows AppVision users to manage all security components connected to HikCentral Professional, such as cameras, Recording units and alarm systems, through a single, centralized interface that provides real-time situational awareness, An instant alarm reaction and allows you to manage any incident. In turn, HikCentral Professional users can also receive AppVision data and manage third-party embedded systems.

“Prysm Software leads from 2012 worked with Hikvision on several innovative and integrated solutions. The latest partnership with HikCentral Professional allows users to unify Hikvision's security systems with our PSIM AppVision for seamless access to information and easier management”, Says David Fiorina, Director of Business Development at Prysm Software.

After being part of the Hikvision Technology Partner Program, Prysm has supported a wide range of its products and solutions such as NVR recorders, HikCentral Professional and TandemVu cameras, deployed alongside AppVision in multiple markets and industries around the world. "We believe these integrations create truly unified systems for users to maximize their operational management in real time.”, Adds Liam Heatley, Global Technology Partner Alliance Manager de Hikvision.

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By • 28 Oct, 2022
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