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Hikvision bullet DeepinView TandemVu

The new models of Hikvision have two adjacent bullet lenses and allow, with a single device, have an overview of the entire scene and observe any element in detail.

Hikvision has presented its new type network cameras bullet DeepinView With TandemVu. These broaden the spectrum of this technology, already present in PTZ units, to bullet type models. They are able to monitor large areas of land and offer details in the foreground, maintaining both 'views', which improves safety and allows you to have full control of the situation at all times.

Unlike the PTZ model, DeepinView bullet cameras with TandemVu feature two adjacent bullet lenses. While the top fixed lens provides an overview at all times, the lower motorized has a focal length of 10-50 Mm (8A86) or 8-32 Mm (8A46), designed to check specific security events in detail.

The need to be able to observe some element in detail without sacrificing the overview of the whole scene forces security technology companies to continuously innovate with new types of cameras., such as those with Hikvision's TandemVu technology, that integrate the capabilities of multiple cameras into a single camera, with performance that offers greater reliability and security. In addition, the installation of these devices is simpler and requires less effort, making the job of safety operators easier.

Currently, Hikvision offers two models of Bullet Type Cameras TandemVu: iDS-2CD8A46G0-XZ(H)S(And) E iDS-2CD8A86G0-XZ(H)S(And).

Features TandemVu bullet cameras

Two-in-one design

When installing DeepInView bullet cameras that incorporate TandemVu technology, it is no longer necessary to deploy two independent cameras, which previously meant twice the investment, both economical and installation and maintenance, to which we must add having the necessary technical knowledge to link both devices together.

With the 'two-in-one' design of the camera, you only have to manage an IP channel that only requires a license on the video management software platform (Vms).

DarkFighter technology in 4K

DeepinView bullet-type cameras with TandemVu also incorporate Hikvision's ColorVu and DarkFighter imaging technologies into both lenses respectively..

Top lens with ColorVu produces images of 4 Full color MP both day and night, while the lower one with DarkFighter offers 4K resolution,

Fusion light to improve safety efficacy

The cameras have a built-in supplemental white light and an infrared light (Go) on each side that work together intelligently.

Camera activates IR light for normal operation in low light conditions. When a security event occurs, For example, an intruder or vehicle enters a demarcated area, white light is activated to replace IR, allowing the camera to capture color images of intruders.

The white light auto-on function is also used as a deterrent signal, making it clear that an area with security coverage has been accessed.

Switchable algorithms

DeepinView bullet cameras with TandemVu technology feature four switchable Deep Learning algorithms in their lower unit, including perimeter protection, facial recognition, automatic license plate recognition (Anpr) and the detection of multiple targets.

In this way, users can easily enable the desired algorithm for a specific use and then change it to another if necessary.

This state-of-the-art solution makes these devices especially recommended to cover perimeter security., entrances and exits of industrial estates, car parks and even the streets of a city.

Outdoor lens heater

These new devices are very reliable in cold climates thanks to the integrated lens heater that protects the camera lens from snow or ice..

The heater also prevents the lens from fogging in case of sudden temperature changes, so users always get sharp images in harsh environments.

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By • 18 Aug, 2022
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