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The largest warehouse of the supermarket chain Day now available to the Compact public address and voice alarm system, EN certificate 54, of Optimus to ensure the safety of your staff.

The supermarket chain Day has in Illescas (Toledo) of a Distribution Center more than 68.000 m2, the largest of all its warehouses and that initiates the project of its efficient and sustainable logistics network, with waste management 100% circular.

From this center, that will provide regional service to about five hundred stores in the communities of Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha y Castilla y León, Some will be distributed 8.000 Low turnover non-perishable food references.

DIA center Illescas Optimus

To ensure the safety of the staff of the center, the public address system and voice alarm has been installed Compact, Developed by the Spanish company Optimus, which is EN certificate 54.

Specifically, twelve speaker zones have been established in the logistics center, With 6000 W RMS Power. The control is carried out from the desktop microphone desks DC-700ETH and from a computer equipped with the configuration and management program of the public address system and voice alarm.

With more than three hundred speakers installed, Most of them are of the model AC-930EN, offering great range and high sound pressure for ships, along with the roof A-225EN, located in the offices and common areas of DIA's logistics centre in Illescas.

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By • 8 Jul, 2022
• Section: Case studies, HIGHLIGHTED CASE STUDY, MAIN HIGHLIGHT, Evacuation