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Uniview thermal cameraThe new thermal camera, bullet type, of Uniview incorporates intelligent intrusion prevention functions, fire detection and temperature control.

With the denomination TIC2621SR-F3-4F4AC-VD, This new dual-spectrum thermal and optical imaging camera Uniview offers a resolution of 4 Mp, with a 1/1.8" target and high-sensitivity sensor to adapt to various scenarios and transmit dual video with a single IP address.

This thermal device, with food DC12V±25% or PoE, supports mode picture in picture, with real-time contrast, with H.265 compression, H.264 and MJPEG, as well as audio alarm (input and output) and built-in red and blue warning lights.

Uniview thermal cameraOne of the innovations that Uniview has introduced in this thermal camera, bullet type, focuses on the integration of intelligent intrusion prevention (Sip), with accurate detection of people and objects; fire prevention and temperature control.

As explained from the company, "a fire, even if it is hidden by objects, it is usually accompanied by high temperatures that are invisible to the naked eye. Thanks to thermal cameras, this can be captured through temperature changes in the area and responded to before they cause further damage., both people and property".

This function is especially useful in hazardous combustion environments, as substations, pipelines and other similar industrial sites, as this thermal camera is capable of detecting "invisible instrumental temperature information".

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By • 18 May, 2022
• Section: Access control, Detection, Intrusion, Video surveillance