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Uniview IPC6424SR-X25-VF

The IPC6424SR-X25-VF model of Uniview incorporates deep learning technology and a lens of 4″, with intelligent outdoor intrusion prevention function.

Faced with the demand for identification of a large number of objectives and behavioral analysis, Unview has developed the PTZ camera IPC6424SR-X25-VF with technology from deep learning (deep learning) and intelligent intrusion prevention function, that eliminates false alarms.

With a lens of HD resolution of 4 Megapixel and optical zoom of 25X, This small and compact size device has a design that hides the direction in which it is being recorded, making it difficult to breach the system.

Uniview IPC6424SR-X25-VFVery easy to install, the body of this Uniview PTZ camera is made of metal, protecting your powerful lens, that captures sharp and colorful images with ultra-low light thanks to the Lighthunter technology.

For flexible and accurate monitoring, This IP camera features intelligent deep learning features for anti-intrusion detection, focus, and automatically track the target, classify objects in vehicles (motorized or not) and pedestrians with an error rate lower than 1%.

To this is also added the function of counting people, also based on deep learning, with the ability to count people accurately while completing the monitoring.

Uniview IPC6424SR-X25-VF is especially suitable for installation at airports, shopping malls and other outdoor environments, as it can withstand climatic variations and against 6Kv beams thanks to its protection IP67, with stable operation from -40ºC to +70ºC, as well as against vandalism with certification IK10.

Key features

  • Uniview IPC6424SR-X25-VFHigh quality image with 4MP,1/2.8” sensor CMOS.
  • 1.520@30fps in the main flow.
  • Ultra 265, H.265, H.264, MJPEG.
  • Triple flows.
  • 25X optical zoom.
  • Smart IR that covers up to 100 meters away.
  • DC 12V±25% or PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at).
  • Alarm of two inputs and one output.
  • Input and output audio.
  • IP67 protection.
  • Resistance to vandalism IK10.

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By • 20 Oct, 2021
• Section: Deep down, Urban security, Video surveillance