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Uniview at OBA Puerto Maritimo Amsterdam

The outdoor cameras IPC3634SB-ADZK-I0 of Uniview have been used by the company OBA Bulk to monitor the interior of storage halls and the Amsterdam seaport area.

Uniview IPC3634SB-ADZK-I0OBA Bulk is the second largest cargo transhipment company in the Netherlands, with a continuous storage surface of 700.000 square meters and a total storage capacity of about 3,5 million tons.

The Amsterdam terminal is very busy, transfers an average of 11,5 millions of tons of cargo per year so one of its biggest challenges is to achieve the best control over this huge space and the storage of goods.

Since the terminal includes both maritime and inland areas, two completely different and complex topographies, makes security challenging. A solution goes through a professional video surveillance infrastructure and Uniview technology was the chosen bet.

The climate in the seaport is cold and humid so we opted for outdoor cameras IPC3634SB-ADZK-I0, which are equipped with a heating module that guarantees their adaptation to extremely cold environments (-40°C). IP67 protection ensures operation even in humid environments and the optical defogging function is cool for a clearer image at the seaport on foggy days. In addition, technology LightHunter ensures very high image quality in low-light environments.

Another important aspect of port security is the security of goods. These are normally stored in courtyards and warehouses, which makes real-time video surveillance extremely important. In this way, the option goes through cameras equipped with video content analysis, to detect possible theft and suspicious activity.

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By • 25 Jan, 2022
• Section: Case studies, Video surveillance