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Hikvision AX-Pro Tri-Tech

The AX-Pro Tri-Tech intrusion detection device from Hikvision offers high accuracy and reduces false alarms when using passive infrared detectors (Pir) External, with video verification of any incident.

As part of the range of alarms AX-Pro, the provider of AIoT solutions and security services Hikvision has now added the wireless detector Tri-Tech, which also incorporates an optional camera.

Hikvision AX-Pro Tri-Tech is a very high precision intrusion detection system that uses passive infrared detectors (Pir) External. Thanks to this technology and the high quality images it provides, allows video verification of the incident of this alarm system, designed for small businesses and homeowners.

A false alarm can occur for any reason: bad weather, leaves or branches moved by the wind, an animal, Etc. To avoid these types of setbacks and identify movements that do not pose a threat, Tri-Tech detector uses three sensors for maximum accuracy: two PIR sensors (at the top and another at the bottom) and a microwave.

As a result,, this device can detect objects at various heights, with an adjustable area of 15 meters and 90°, with a much more accurate identification of the element that is actually triggering the alarm.

In addition, The IFT technology (independent floating threshold) allows detectors to adjust their threshold based on infrared environment and background noise automatically and dynamically, thus reducing false alarms caused by noise interference through digital temperature compensation.

The Tri-Tech detector also has an innovative solution to protect against sabotage attempts by an intruder, as the so-called masking, with which they try to cover the sensors with a spray.

If this happens, AX-Pro sensor uses call-and-call IR anti-masking and initiates a sequence in which it is able to recognize if the aforementioned sabotage has occurred and, automatically, alerts an operator to act accordingly.

Moreover, optional camera module provides GIF verification, that allows the operator to view an image of the incident to perform verification, thanks to a lens of 2,0 mm with adjustable angle providing up to twenty images in different formats.

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