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The new integrated security platform, Atalaia Alliance, has been created by LDA Audio Tech, Detnov And Alcad Facility to provide a unified access control system, emergency and fire management and evacuation.

Spanish companies LDA Audio Tech, Detnov And Alcad Facility have created an integrated access control platform, emergency and fire management, and evacuation. Named Atalaia Alliance offers the advantage of having a unified system that guarantees security in any installation.

Atalaia Alliance products are backed by the development expertise of the three Spanish companies, that have been working in R + D + i for decades to incorporate all the functions demanded by the market and comply with European and international standards of quality and safety.

An integrated system from Atalaia Alliance covers the entire security management of any building from start to finish, from emergency detection to incident identification and controlled evacuation to avoid personal injury.

With Atalaia Alliance the compatibility and interconnectivity of all systems is guaranteed and the design work is facilitated, installation and maintenance, optimizing time and costs for engineering and integrators.

The flexibility of the solutions to adapt to the specific requirements of each project allows it to be designed from scratch. Atalaia Alliance has all the necessary equipment to cover every aspect of security management: IPTV multimedia solutions, IP communication, fire panels, Microphones, Speakers, emergency calls, Notices, fire detection and alarm, phased evacuation, remote control and management, Etc.

This collaboration allows to face large-scale projects, such as shopping malls and department stores, office towers, corporate buildings, Universities, Hotels, Hospitals, Residences, industrial parks, warehouses and logistics centers, Airports, ports and train stations.

All Atalaia Alliance systems are certified following the most demanding international standards, such as EN-54 or ISO 9001.

An enclosure equipped with Atalaia Alliance will have systems:

  • LDA Audio Tech PUBLIC address system, EN-54 certified ambient music and voice evacuation, Compact, all-in-one and scalable to adapt to the size and complexity of each installation.
  • Detnov Fire Detection Certificates EN-54, with a complete range for all types of installation and connectivity for real-time remote monitoring and control.
  • Alcad Intercom Facility, call-nursing, localization, access control and IPTV for critical communication environments and multimedia entertainment.
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By • 25 Oct, 2021
• Section: Alarms, Access control, Systems control, Detection, Evacuation, Business