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LDA Audio Tech NEO-update

Voice evacuation systems LDA Audio Tech, reception of TV signals and access control of Alcad and fire detection Detnov configure an integrated innovation and services solution for these facilities.

The integration of voice evacuation systems LDA Audio Tech with those of Alcad, manufacturer of products for the reception and distribution of TV signals, access control and communication solutions, And Detnov, specialist in fire detection systems, ensure optimal emergency response, both at the detection and evacuation level.

In this sense, a property is considered smart when it responds automatically and immediately to essential issues such as security, energy efficiency, maintenance and concrete operations (Lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation and access), among others, based on current regulations and quality standards.

Lda audio tech alcad y detnov

Smart buildings encompass buildings of all kinds, such as health facilities, Cultural, Logistics, Leisure, Shops, public or private administrations, industrial infrastructure, ...

A property can be smart or smart when you have sufficient automated mechanisms to control the various aspects identified immediately and remotely.

That's why, smart building construction and projects are developed by multidisciplinary teams, where there are specific profiles: telecommunications engineers, Industrial, technicians and architects, whose objective is to integrate technological devices into the structure of the property and always use the most effective elements.

As for security, it is referred to in this type of property, owners and developers find themselves in need of effectively adapting the way an facility is evacuated in an emergency.

Evacuating a building is always a complex thing and must be highly studied, especially on large surfaces where users are not familiar with the location of outputs or procedures.

Not only is signaling enough, but it is necessary to effectively shape sound and even visual systems to achieve output in a fast and orderly manner.

LDA Audio Tech's strategic and technological alliance, Alcad and Detnov provides an advanced and reliable solution for safe and fast evacuation in smart buildings, facilitating the implementation of an integrated access control system, emergency and fire management and one-time evacuation on the market.

This is what they point out from LDA: “our union is consolidated on a very solid foundation, focused on technological synergy. We are Spanish companies, based on innovation, with technology designed and manufactured in Spain, with products that meet the strictest European standards, providing added value that is based on the functionalities”.

The objective of this partnership is to create joint product development lines, as well as building commercial and logistical synergies for large projects. In addition, encourages joint promotion and attendance at trade fairs.

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By • 5 May, 2021
• Section: Access control, Detection, Evacuation, Business, Urban security, Services