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Hikvision video intercoms 2generation

The integration of the video intercom Hikvision with the IP system Yeastar PBX allows customers to communicate easily and remotely with visitors.

Hikvision has signed a technology agreement with Yeastar to collaborate on the integration of video intercoms (video interns) with IP technology. The goal is for small and medium-sized business customers to remotely control and manage their video door carriers., and can communicate with visitors.

"We are pleased to announce this agreement with Yeastar, that will expand the reach of Hikvision's intercom solution and create more value for our customers. Hikvision will continue to work with its technology partners to build a strong and win-win ecosystem.", comments Adler Wu, Head of Global Technology Partner Alliances at Hikvision.

Yeastar PBX

For a small business, when employees are out of the office, welcoming visitors is almost impossible. The integration of the Hikvision video doorman with the IP system Yeastar PBX allows customers to communicate easily and remotely with visitors. Even the receptionist can talk remotely with visitors, since this new integrated system allows you to manage video calls from anywhere and at any time, through web browsers, mobile devices and computers.

The options offered by this new system are multiple such as seeing who is at the front door and talking to that person from anywhere, converse via an IP video phone and even open a door, and forward calls initiated from the door phone to a mobile number.

"Hikvision is a well-known provider of high-quality IP-based video door carrier solutions, and we are pleased to have become technology partners. With Yeastar and Hikvision, our mutual customers can take advantage of a market-leading solution: an intercom system that improves productivity, streamlines operations and reduces overhead", adds Prince Cai, Vice President of Yeastar.

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By • 1 Sep, 2021
• Section: Access control, Infrastructure, Video surveillance