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Hikvision smart towns

Mobility improvements, safety and sustainability is what the Smart Towns solution provides Hikvision, composed of license plate recognition cameras, based on AI and deep learning, that provide real-time traffic data.

The smart traffic solution Smart Towns of Hikvision offers a new concept of smart city for medium and small locations. It is a traffic control solution designed for town halls, very easy to install and use, with a low maintenance cost, that solves the problems associated with traffic or difficulty in accessing, among others.

Smart Towns is based on vehicle access control with license plate recognition cameras (Lpr) installed on the main routes of entry and exit of the population.

These cameras, with a resolution of 4 Mp, incorporate deep learning technology (deep learning) that offer a level of accuracy in reading license plates above the 95%. In addition, thanks to technology DarkFighter provide a quality image and clear captures, even in the dark and in the face of adverse weather situations.

Thanks to these devices it is possible to control the access of vehicles, providing information on the reading of the license plate (or the detection of vehicles without a license plate), if it's dangerous goods, ranking, color and vehicle manufacturer, and even the detection of the direction of circulation.

One of the highlights of the solution is the incorporation of software embedded in the camera itself, making it easy to consult a global vehicle park database, with detailed information to check relevant data in real time, like the state of the vehicle (high/low), information about ITV, possible incidents (stolen car, in search,...), headline data, insurance status, Etc.

All information generated by LPR cameras is managed through a centralized software platform, HikCentral, intuitive and easy to handle (more data in Digital Security). From here, in addition to being able to set up a series of alerts that allow for quick and proactive management, it is possible to search by vehicles and filter information as required.

The platform also includes the function of business intelligence to incorporate the analysis of all the information and different reports, allowing users to make effective decisions in real time.

HikCentral has Web Client access, Control Client and Mobile client. Thanks to the latter, real-time viewing from iOS and Android devices with live views and playback is possible.

Thinking about the needs of any type of population, Hikvision has also added the wireless option to the solution, for those areas where there are incidents in terms of connectivity, as well as an option with solar panels to solve potential power problems, offering a sustainable solution from an energy perspective.

For David Gomez, business development Hikvision director, "the Smart Towns solution brings smart traffic systems closer to small and medium-sized locations, with a simple and economical proposal that will give them an obvious improvement in terms of security, mobility and sustainability".

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By • 3 May, 2021
• Section: Access control, MAIN HIGHLIGHT, Detection, Urban security, Services, Video surveillance