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AIoT solution provider and big data security services offer a perfect ‘perfect solution’ global, based on the convergence of its entire range of devices.

Hikvision Hik-ProConnectHikvision jointly presented the AX PRO alarm, a next-generation wireless equipment designed for SMEs and residential environments, and the Hik-ProConnect tool, an easy-to-use platform, designed for installers, allowing remote control of various facilities, integrate different systems and hosted in the cloud.

This advanced solution reaffirms Hikvision's proposal to provide a global service, based on the convergence of its full range of CCTV security devices, Intercom, access control and intrusion, as well as control of them, integration with other systems.

This value proposition provides maximum security and without interruption to the end user, as well as efficiency and simplicity to the service provider or installer, with a differential solution to help you boost your business, bringing value to your customers, as they claim from the company.

Hikvision AX Pro

AX PRO, the next generation of alarms

This team reinvents traditional alarm verification systems, incorporating video technology into the team's DNA. iVaaS, Hikvision's exclusive service, features built-in video verification features, buffered with four video channels, to show the customer exactly what is happening at the same time the alarm occurs.

AX PRO has a central panel to which they are connected, wirelessly, a wide range of detectors and peripherals covering the detection of intruders, video verification, smoke and flood detection, all very simple to install.

In addition, has optional elements, like the wireless Pircam detector with high-performance camera, which offers a range of detection 12 Meters, Infrared LED lighting for night vision, internal memory for snapshot capture and a wireless protocol range of up to 800 Meters.

The panel can control up to 210 peripheral elements and has two radio frequency chips, with Tri-X and CAM-X wireless technologies, to avoid interference and inhibitions and ensure that alarm signals are sent immediately and reliably.

Another advantage of AX PRO is that the customer can see on a computer or mobile device the images that the cameras capture in real time, so you can check what's happening at that time.

Hikvision Hik-ProConnect

Hik-ProConnect, the solution for installers

This powerful remote maintenance and monitoring solution for security systems, cloud-based, is a converged platform that allows the management of multiple devices, different customers and facilities.

Hik-ProConnect makes it easy to increase or decrease any installation, adding or removing connected devices, as well as integrating different systems related to surveillance, safety, accesses, home automation,...

To this it adds remote management and monitoring of the state of the system, with instant notifications of possible device failures or loss of communications, hard drive anomalies, battery status, Etc. It also supports remote configuration of device parameters, as well as a flexible link between various devices.

Managing with Hik-ProConnect is very simple, because it can be done from a computer, a tablet or mobile, through a web platform or from the mobile app, accessing the system from anywhere, anytime. All this reliably, thanks to the use of cybersecurity standards and protocols.

Hik-ProConnect brings a value proposition to the end user, with recurring maintenance and monitoring service plans through a converged and reliable platform. In addition, the identification of potential incidents proactively, remote management ensures significant cost savings, associated with eliminating travel and visits to the customer's premises.

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By • 17 Feb, 2021
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