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Dallas Police have incorporated Avigilon cameras and Motorola Solutions CommandCentral Aware software into their video surveillance infrastructure.


The Dallas Police Department, Safer Dallas And Motorola Solutions have launched a pilot program, called Starlight, looking to optimize the city's operability and security.

Participating companies will be equipped with cameras Avigilon and will be monitored and connected directly to the Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC) Dallas Police Department using Motorola Solution CommandCentral Aware software.

Avigilon Safer with Dallas PoliceCommandCentral Aware adds and integrates video streaming, real-time alerts, advanced data analysis, resource tracking, social media analysis, Voice, Cad, records information and more in a single intuitive interface with layered geospatial mapping. Enables operators and analysts in a control room to communicate actionable intelligence through voice and data to field staff. Also, it can also be used to support research and strategic planning.

Connecting the cameras to the RTCC, officers will get additional information when responding to events and will be able to resolve incidents faster.

"Technology encourages faster decision-making and makes you aware of what's happening in real time. The ultimate goal is to protect the public while making interventions more effective by providing much-needed information before they arrive at the scene”, comments Reneé Hall, Police Chief of the Dallas Police Department.

The pilot program will be launched in three locations (District 4, 14 And 9) who have experienced a large volume of calls to the police services.

“We have seen great success in a variety of communities in the use of technology, like our integrated software and video security solutions, to create a closer connection between public and private entities and promote our shared mission to improve public safety”, said Neil Thomas, vice president of Motorola Solutions sales and services organization.

“We are proud to launch this new pilot program with dallas and Dallas police safer to help connect the Dallas community with public safety”.

The pilot programme was launched at the end of October and will last for six months. After this period, the three organizations will assess the impact of the program and explore further expansion.

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By • 11 Dec, 2019
• Section: Case studies, Systems control, Urban security, Video surveillance