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ProdexTec Detection VibraTek Plus

PIDS systems go beyond perimeter fence protection, can be a wall, Soil, Ceiling, a safety cage or safe. These are the areas of application of VibraTek Plus of Detection Technologies, distributing ProdexTec.

Perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) have traditionally been installed on perimeter fences, but this is just one of the applications of a product as diverse as VibraTek Plus brand Detection Technologies, distributed by ProdexTec in Spain and Portugal.

The main purpose of a PID system is to provide data on unwanted activity on a physical barrier.. Can be a fence, but also a wall, a floor or ceiling, as well as a safety cage, a safe or even a vault.

ProdexTec Detection VibraTek Plus

Wall and roof protection

A building may not have a perimeter fence, so security surveillance focuses on entry points, such as doors and windows. But, what is it that protects the structure of the building itself, such as walls or roof? For them, a PID system can provide another layer of security.

Installing the VibraTek Plus sensor cable on the walls of a building protects against physical attacks with harnesses, concrete cutters, vehicle impacts, Etc.

Have sirens installed on the outside of the building, that are triggered when an intrusion is detected, is the perfect way to stop intruders, thus preventing further damage or loss to the building.

Protection of safety cages

ProdexTec Detection VibraTek PlusA safety cage inside a warehouse is designed to protect specific goods, that can be of great value, Dangerous, legally regulated or even a combination of all three.

This is a security issue because, any intruder who enters the warehouse knows where the most valuable objects are stored.

Many safety cages have only a magnetic contact that controls whether the door has been opened. If the intruder decides to cut the side of the cage with an angle grinder, for the security system, the cage is still safe.

The VibraTek Plus sensor cable installed in the cage itself detects the cut, and can be used to alert the security team, activate a smokescreen and strobe light, or to perform any other action.

Protection of vaults or high-security enclosures

Some buildings need protection not only from occasional thieves, but against organized criminal gangs. In some cases, even the most sturdy building can be attacked not only by walls, but also by the roof and even by means of underground tunnels.

This is sometimes the case with vaults, that focus most of their security elements on the door, with sophisticated glass closing devices and exotic metal alloys to prevent perforation.

However, the protection of the physical structure as a whole is often overlooked. Like this, the safety of the contents depends on what a simple concrete box actually is., in which thieves could tunnel undetected.

With the installation of seismic sensors VibraFon, an attack is detected the moment the thieves start tunneling or drilling.


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By • 23 Sep, 2021
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