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This agreement expands its presence in the perimeter security sector. It will market its solutions to protect fences and walls.

Detection Technologies

ProdexTec has signed an agreement with Detection Technologies to distribute its solutions for the protection of fences and walls in the Iberian Peninsula.

Detection Technologies is a UK-based company, founded in 2007, which has focused its activity on the design and manufacture of perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS). Offer a wide range of solutions for the protection of fences and walls, providing security to private facilities, industrial and governmental.

Detection VibraTek PlusAll its products are manufactured in the UNITED KINGDOM with a guaranteed quality and are approved by the Centre for the Protection of the National Infrastructure of the United Kingdom (CPNI).

This field of activity, technologically challenging, requires ever-evolving solutions that employ the latest hardware and software techniques to ensure systems that deliver the highest detection performance and the lowest false alarm rate.

Among its solutions is VibraTek Plus, a fourth-generation linear sensor cable, sensitive to vibrations and specifically designed to provide high intrusion detection capability, when installed on fences or other physical barriers, used for perimeter protection of sites and places.

Another of its solutions is the VibraFon seismic sensor that detects intrusion attempts through fencing such as climbs, Cuts, transfers or excavations and that can be installed hidden inside the wall or on its surface, without affecting the appearance of the wall, not requiring power along the wall.

Detection Technologies

Once the VibraTek sensor cable detects a possible intrusion activity, UnoTek analyzers, DuoTek, VibraSector or VibraFon interprets detected changes and recognizes hostile activity, providing the necessary data to identify the area where they occur, with a minimum error rate and distinguishing them from those of non-hostile origin such as rain, wind, hail, Etc.

Different types of scanners allow you to monitor the perimeter barrier status of different types of sites and alert personnel and security systems when necessary.

Detection Technologies uses acoustic alarm verification in its solutions by listening to the recorded audio event that triggered an alarm, as well as creating an easy and simple integration with CCTV and third-party software.

For more than 20 years of experience in the sector, this company has perfected the detection algorithms of its solutions making them provide quality and an excellent guarantee of reliability.

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By • 25 Feb, 2021
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