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The Secure line is composed by two models: one of 55 inches (SUHD551-L) and a 65 (SUHD651-L). Both have slot OPS, UHD resolution and playback USB.

Christie SUHD551-L

The new series Secure of flat panels of Christie It is intended for critical areas such as government facilities and security applications, business, military, or those that require uninterrupted conditions of safety.

In line with the TAA standards and RF functionalities, the first two available models in the series are the SUHD551-L and SUHD651-L. Ideal for meeting spaces and rooms of control and digital signage applications, Secure series incorporates slot OPS, UHD resolution and playback USB.

Both models incorporate the software Crestron Fusion RV to ensure connection to a network of this manufacturer. This allows the Secure series panels are monitored, managed and controlled from any web interface, including desktop computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Christie SUHD551-L

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By • 25 Jan, 2019
• Section: Control Systems, MAIN FOCUS, Urban Security, CCTV