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With Crestron drivers, las cámaras IP y sistemas NVR de Lilin se benefician de funcionalidades como el control PTZ de las cámaras IP y el unidireccional de los NVR/DVRs IP, alarm/movement display and the ability to save and retrieve camera preset positions.

Lilin Navigator

Lilin has integrated the drivers of Crestron on their IP cameras and NVR equipment, a tool that are easy to use and benefit from all its functionalities. In addition, Crestron has added and certified drivers on its website.

Lilin IVS seriesJanus drivers provide two-way communication with Crestron to all compatible IP cameras, as well as one-way communication to DVRs/NVRs. It offers a wide range of controls such as PTZ (bread, tilt and zoom) and viewing MJPEG streams on the Crestron dashboard.

These drivers provide all the CCTV features that the customer will need. It provides motion visualization and sabotage, that can be programmed to alert the user, start recording, and/or trigger appropriate measures within Crestron's system.

Lilin NAV1072The ability to store and retrieve predefined camera positions in motorized, high-precision equipment, it's also an added advantage. NVR/DVRs drivers offer a complete set of one-way commands that give the user the ability to easily navigate through on-screen menus and review camera recordings.

Crestron processor communicates directly with DVR/NVRs cameras on the network, supported functions such as PTZ control of IP cameras and one-way IP NVRs/DVRs, alarm/movement display and the ability to save and retrieve camera preset positions.

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By • 7 May, 2015
• Section: Business, Computer security, Video surveillance