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This solution uses advanced technology to accurately identify the location and the trace of movement of up to 32 intruders potential radar.

Hikvision Security Radar

Security Radar has been developed by Hikvision to monitor and detect intrusions unwanted in large spaces, exposed to more adverse weather conditions, where the perimeter environment is too complex to cover complete with surveillance cameras.

Traditional cameras or motion detectors, as active infrared sensors or video motion detection devices, they have some limitations in identifying the exact location of a potential intruder.

Jiang Feng Zhi, Head of the division of Hikvision alarms, has pointed out that "We hope that the ability of Security Radar accurately detect potential intruders of simultaneously", day and night and in all weather conditions, provide incredible diverse nature entities value around the world".

In addition to its reliability to operate in any weather situation, Security Radar has a wide detection angle of 100 ° and up to a distance of 60 meters, to capture precise intrusion in complex environments such as ports, airports and major industrial areas open.

Hikvision Security Radar uses digital beam formation and algorithms of intelligent analysis technology to accurately detect all the movements of the objective, in all weather conditions, keeping false alarms to a minimum. Also, the classification IP67 ensures that the hardware is approved for use in difficult climatic conditions.

This system also can connect with up to four cameras PTZ dome of Hikvision simultaneously. Thus, not only will activate an alarm when an intruder is detected, but that will be up video recording to contribute to the visual verification of the intruder.

The radar and cameras can be installed in different places, Thanks to the patented by Hikvision video link solution, that enables the users to see, track and record accurately targets multiple images simultaneously, In addition to identifying their movements in a manner precise (run, walk, Crouch and crawl).

Security Radar has multiple scene modes to operate in a wide variety of applications. For example, It has a specific mode for areas with lots of vegetation that filters out false alarms that tend to cause gusts of wind or rain on trees or shrubs.

Open area mode is particularly suitable for large open spaces, as the ports; While the custom mode enables users to adjust the settings to your security needs.

Addition, its compatibility with many stands, as the Bullet-PTZ, and with PoE to make installation easier using a single cable for connection to the mains and the power supply.

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By • 11 Dec, 2018
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