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This camera, that captures images 4K to 15 FPS or Full HD to 30 FPS and incorporates intelligent Auto and coating ClearSight, It is ideal for capturing images in urban surveillance and traffic control.

Panasonic WV-X8570N

The latest model of urban surveillance CCTV range of Panasonic is the WV-X8570N, a camera multi-sensor I-Pro Extreme, It has four objectives gonyalons, each with 4K image sensors (or Full HD) He offered crisp and defined images of objects moving at high speed, for example vehicles.

Panasonic WV-X8570NThis camera allows you to capture 4K (3.840×2160) to 15 FPS or Full HD to 30 FPS. It includes iA (Intelligent Auto) and coating ClearSight. It is ideal for capturing images with probative value even in the toughest conditions, as for example in urban surveillance and traffic applications, monitoring large areas such as parking lots, perimeters of buildings, intersections, airports or halls of stations.

The camera offers multiple image and objectives in a same housing sensors to cover a wide angle of view and reduce the total number of cameras needed to minimize blind spots.

Thanks to compression H.265, coupled with the intelligent encoding and self-learning ROI technology (Region of interest), the camera ensures exceptional image performance and minimizes network connection requirements.

Panasonic WV-X8570N

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By • 28 Nov, 2018
• Section: MAIN FOCUS, Urban Security, CCTV