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Panasonic i-Pro S

The i-PRO S line of Panasonic, which starts with four models, includes artificial intelligence in the camera itself and are ideal to respond to the new generation of intelligent applications for companies and individuals

Panasonic WV-S1136Panasonic has unveiled its new line of network cameras i-PRO S, whose equipment integrates the artificial intelligence processing found in the premium products of this manufacturer.

The new i-PRO S series features an integrated AI processor that transforms the camera into an edge computing device to improve surveillance operations and offers the ability to select and install third-party applications without a cloud-based or server-based connection.

New i-PRO S series cameras offer greater H.265 encoding efficiency to conserve network bandwidth and server storage capacities, and greater optimization of image processing that allows them to adapt to changing environments. This means they produce clearer images with less noise even in low light conditions.

Thanks to the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in the camera itself, the new range of S Series IP cameras are ideal for professional applications where flexibility and adaptation to customer needs are necessary.

This new family includes four Full HD models for interior, one compact in bullet format (WV-S1136 ) and three in dome format, the WV-S2136, the version with IR (WV-S2136L) and anti-vandal with IR (WV-S2236L).

In addition to exceptional image quality, S-Series models make it easy to classify the audio they capture and allow installation of up to 2 AI analytics plugin.

AI Applications

Panasonic WV-S2136, WV-S2136L, WV-S2236LThe two AI applications included by default are AI-VMD (AI motion detection) and AI-Privacy Guard (masking of face or body).

AI-VMD detects anyone, Vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle, and can be used for intrusion detection, the identification of marauders, address and many more applications. The AI processor allows alarms to be activated, based on preset parameters, with a high level of precision.

The AI Privacy Guard app detects and recognizes a person's image in a video scene, pixelating your face or entire body to protect your privacy.

This app is important for many companies operating in areas where privacy laws are very strict, such as gdpr.

Thanks to its software development kit (third-party application license), the new range of cameras presents an open platform, adapting with great flexibility to the specific needs of any professional client.

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By • 10 Jun, 2021
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