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Panasonic i-Pro Multi-AI

Thanks to the i-PRO configuration tool and the pre-installed application of the cameras Panasonic with AI, security is more accessible to companies and institutions without the need for IT support.

Panasonic Business offers cameras that incorporate an advanced software tool combined with a number of applications that allow you to take full advantage of AI, maximizing performance and efficiency, while providing greater benefit and speed in installation and configuration, even for complex systems.

With the new i-PRO Series, Panasonic offers cutting-edge solutions that are even easier for professionals to implement and increasingly accessible to a growing number of companies and institutions.

"When it comes to the need to install such systems within often complex networks., the first criticality that arises is the configuration, especially when it comes to AI-based solutions that, therefore, they require a configuration that is difficult to achieve without the help of IT supports," he explains. Antonella Sciortino, Panasonic Security Marketing Manager. "To facilitate the response to this need, we have created the software i-PRO Configuration Tool".

Panasonic i-Pro S

This kit, created to allow easy setup of an AI video surveillance system using a PC and a simple internet connection, allows full adjustment of IP cameras, as well as full control over the system, to get started with individual settings. The overall vision and control that this software enables goes beyond the possibility of action and troubleshooting on the single device, allowing the installer to act on the system as a whole.

The tool simplifies the list of tasks that an installer must perform on machines, even once configured, starting with automatic system and firewall updates.

Panasonic has gone further, investing in research and development of cutting-edge AI-based applications, to be entered directly into the devices, with the dual objective of reinforcing configuration settings that are simple, guaranteed by the software kit, and that allow an even higher level of performance directly on individual cameras. All this at no additional cost to the end user.


"Although it is intended as a peripheral device, each individual i-PRO camera takes on an important role within the surveillance system. Has the task and responsibility to carry out specific detection processes. As a result, takes care of the advanced processing of a specific detail that gives the possibility to choose from a range of applications. This translates into enormous potential to improve the performance of the plant as a whole.", explains Antonella Sciortino.

Built-in AI applications help maximize device performance, as they allow the end user to take full advantage of the particular functions of each of them, and the installer to ensure the best installation and the best configuration, with extreme simplicity and no need for specific IT skills.

"Today, the choice to adopt Panasonic cameras with AI functionality means that the installer can promise a video surveillance solution that is not only state-of-the-art, it also has a low impact on infrastructure costs. Integrating these types of applications directly into the cameras translates into a benefit in terms of bandwidth consumption., which is significantly reduced. If we think about two of the apps that we preinstal by default AI-VMD (Video Motion Detection) And AI Privacy Guard in the new S Series, the added value is evident. These same apps carry out the analysis and processing processes directly on the cameras", continues Sciortino.

AI app ensures instant access to intelligent security features, such as detecting intrusions or suspicious movements within the scene,. In this way, privacy is preserved in compliance with the GDPR and image metadata is independently managed, to propose them directly through the management client.

In this way, provides in an automated and direct way contents and data essential for use for statistical purposes, marketing purposes, commercial and even forensic analysis.

The level of sophistication and accuracy of the type of data that these Apps are able to capture and improve, directly on board, is very high, and this means that the installer can count on systems that promise a reliability in video analysis that exceeds the 100% of the level achievable with previous technologies.

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By • 13 Sep, 2021
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