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The integration will enable monitoring 24/7 all schemes which are part of the building and that can connect, In addition to the immediate management of response to events that occur in any of the systems.

Johnson Controls Center monitoring CRM

With the aim of providing remote total control for intelligent buildings, Johnson Controls Building Technologies & Solutions It will integrate its Metasys building control system in its remote monitoring center (CMR). An initiative with which the broad company its current monitoring services 24/7, attention, supervision, response and reporting.

A great efficiency in the management of the building is achieved through Metasys, by integrating the system of air conditioning, lighting, safety and protection of the building with a unified through an intelligent platform management, that you can make safe more efficient decisions, In addition to improving comfort, protection and productivity of occupants of the building. Thanks to this integration, the CMR will be able to supervise and monitor the areas of action of Metasys and manage the connections of the safety systems, and thus offer the following possibilities:

Preventive services: creating maintenance routines, monitoring or remote surveillance, as the opening of new non-automated ways of ventilation, video surveillance in cabins of lifts, verification of Unallowed access of employees, etc..

Reactive services:with the programming of automatic reactive actions, or staff on duty before the knowledge of a State of alarm or further notice. Since verification of the degree of the alerts to the denial of permits, opening doors, lights, posts by PA, etc..

Constant communication with the building: from calls to the property, responsible for systems, maintenance companies, Emergency services, Security forces, etc.. In addition to the automatic generation of reports.

Personalized service: with the operations and specific needs of each company - according to size or sector - based solutions, through custom protocols that optimize energy consumption to achieve higher efficiency of resources and lower operating cost.

As says Manuel Delgado, CEO of Johnson Controls for Spain and Portugal, "combining the strengths of the CMR and Metasys allows us to comply, and even exceed, the expectations of our customers, creating quality environments, managing the energy of its buildings and maximizing the efficiency of your consumption while we help them save costs".

Remote Monitoring Center (CMR) Johnson Controls is considered one of the most advanced by the quality of its facilities and professionalism of your team, to provide a level of real security and monitoring 24/7 systems for intelligent buildings. Thanks to its effectiveness, It has recently received four certifications by prestige international standards that recognize various services reception and alarm management.

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By • 16 Nov, 2018
• Section: Access control, Control Systems, Detection, Infrastructure, Services, CCTV