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Face Mask Detection uses existing cameras to identify whether building occupants or visitors who come to a store are socially est distanced and wear masks.

Johnson Controls Face Mask Detection

Johnson Controls has developed an analysis solution, based on artificial intelligence, for the detection of masks. It has been designed to help companies comply with public health regulations in enclosed environments, like Spanish buildings and shops.

Called Face Mask Detection, this solution generates an automatic notification to raise awareness of the use of masks and offers a faster response time when a person is detected without it.

This app is powered by the video platform exacqVision 20.09 and offers an integrated and cost-effective solution for building managers who help maintain safer environments for employees and visitors.

Mask detection is a key feature for Johnson Controls, which recently announced the OpenBlue Healthy Building suite of digital solutions to make shared spaces safer, as people begin to return to offices.

OpenBlue Healthy Building solutions are integrated, but they can also be implemented in a modular way.

They include a combination of hardware and software that features smart equipment, digital sensors, security systems, Cameras, Monitors, analysis and panels, infection control and other connected devices. As well as a mobile app to manage the spaces and experiences of the occupants.

"At Johnson Controls, we strive to protect our customers while providing uninterrupted experiences for occupants. Using AI-driven video analytics, our mask detection solution leverages existing cameras to identify whether building occupants are respecting current health guidelines", explains Roland Billeter, Vice President and General Manager Continental Europe, Building Technologies & Solutions. “This key functionality that is part of our OpenBlue Healthy Building suite of digital solutions, helps facility and business managers maintain safe environments and protect people, no loss of productivity”.

Safer operations

As companies look for solutions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, smart apps like Face Mask Detection can provide information to building managers, making it easier for companies to be proactive in reducing the risk of virus transmission.

Based on an artificial intelligence analysis (The) instead of pixel-based analysis, exacqVision 20.09 mask detection offers improved accuracy and a scalable and efficient solution for organizations where public health and safety are a priority, like retail stores, educational campuses, health care centers and corporate offices.

With exacqVision's automatic notification features, it's easy to monitor, link and search for areas of people without masks. This allows companies to respond more quickly in the event of a breach and allows them to be more proactive in reducing risks and ensuring compliance with new rules.


  • Ensuring employee-customer entry more efficiently and simplifiedly into the building.
  • Activate alarms based on the absence of a mask.
  • Open-camera support.
  • Monitoring, linking and searching for areas of infringement in real time.

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By • 10 Nov, 2020
• Section: Systems control, Detection