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These solutions provide advanced video content analysis, providing SMEs the advantages of technology deep learning and a cost-effective option to protect its facilities and assets.

Hikvision acusense

Designed to offer cost-effective options for security and surveillance, simple and quality to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Hikvision It has developed AcuSense, the new generation of solutions for this market that incorporates techniques of deep learning in the Chambers of this manufacturer, as in the ColorVu range.

The deep AcuSense learning algorithm helps clients to increase the security of its facilities and assets with an efficient detection of persons and vehicles, to react to any threat or incident in real time, at the time that significantly reduce false alarms and associated personnel costs.

Hikvision AcuSense works despite the natural movements, as rain or leaves, activating alerts only when a camera or DVR/NVR Server detects people or vehicles. With functions of automatic alarm light and sound on some models, AcuSense cameras also detect potential intruders before a security breach to occur.

Another advantageous feature for those responsible for small and medium-sized enterprises is the quick search of object, to quickly find images in the safety equipment in the event that an incident occurs, with the consequent saving of time regarding the manual search in video recording.

AcuSense solutions for different environments

  • Factories and small office buildings: AcuSense proposal allows security personnel to detect and prevent theft in the perimeter and react in real time to minimize the risk of losses. AcuSense and the NVR/DVR cameras can also be used to monitor and protect warehouses and areas of office where there are assets of great value.
  • Retail: Thanks to its capacity of detection of people, AcuSense helps small businesses monitor hotspots in this type of facility, as the area of boxes, exclusive spaces of the staff or store, for example. The owners of shops can also see images on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. Detection of vehicles contributes to protect the commercial premises authorized parking.
  • Hotels: in this environment, These solutions help maintain security with alerts and take necessary actions when people or unauthorized or suspicious vehicles entering their space, While cameras and recording systems to help maintain a discreet security environment to guests, assets and the establishment.
  • Housing developments: AcuSense of Hikvision cameras can be installed on perimeter fences to detect theft and protect residents and their belongings in public areas and access; that also combined with detection vehicles to protect garages and parking prohibited area, as emergency exits, etc..

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By • 26 Oct, 2018
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