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These solutions provide advanced analysis of video content, providing SMEs with the benefits of deep learning technology and a cost-effective option to protect their facilities and assets.

Hikvision acusense

Designed to offer cost-effective security and surveillance options, simple and quality for small and medium-sized enterprises (Smes), Hikvision has developed AcuSense, the new generation of solutions for this market that incorporates deep learning techniques into this manufacturer's cameras, as in the ColorVu range.

AcuSense's deep learning algorithm helps customers increase the safety of their facilities and assets with efficient detection of people and vehicles, to react to any threat or incident in real time, while significantly reducing false alarms and associated personnel costs.

Hikvision's AcuSense works despite natural movements, like rain or leaves, triggering alerts only when a camera or NVR/DVR server detects people or vehicles. With automatic light and sound alarm functions on some models, AcuSense cameras also detect potential intruders before a security breach occurs.

Another advantageous feature for small and medium-sized business managers is to quickly search for objects, to quickly find images on security teams in the event of an incident, with the consequent time savings regarding manual search in video recording.

AcuSense solutions for different environments

  • Factories and small office buildings: AcuSense's proposal allows security personnel to detect and prevent perimeter theft and react in real time to minimize the risk of losses. AcuSense cameras and NVR/DVRs can also be used to monitor and protect warehouses and office areas where high-value assets are available.
  • Retailers: thanks to its ability to detect people, AcuSense helps small businesses monitor key areas in such facilities, like the box area, exclusive staff or warehouse spaces, For example. Shop owners can also view images on their mobile phone anytime, anywhere. Vehicle detection helps protect the authorized parking lot of the commercial premises.
  • Hotels: in this environment, these solutions help maintain safety with alerts and take the necessary action when unauthorized or suspicious persons or vehicles enter your space, while cameras and recording systems help maintain a discreet security environment for guests, their property and the establishment itself.
  • Urbanizations: Hikvision AcuSense cameras can be installed in perimeter fences to detect theft and protect residents and their belongings in common and access areas; which is also combined with vehicle detection to protect garages and prohibited parking area, such as emergency exits, Etc.

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By • 26 Oct, 2018
• Section: Deep down, Video surveillance