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The ME4 Discreet IR Dome is a close-knit team of 5,8 cm. in diameter and 4 MP that incorporates the HDR technology with its 4 INFRARED led allows you to capture video in any environment, even in complete darkness environments.

March Networks He has presented a small size video surveillance camera (5,8 cm in diameter), suitable for installing in commercial environments requiring reliable coverage with a little visible system.

With a modular design and equipped with a separate encoder, the ME4 Discreet IR Dome can be hidden inside a wall or ceiling. With their 4 MP capture images in high quality both day and night. This resolution allows you to see facial features, clothing, goods... with a great level of detail.

Also, It is equipped with high dynamic range technology (High Dynamic Range - HDR) in a resolution of 1080 p. It combines the best parts of several separate exhibitions to offer more focused areas, well-lit and colorful scene.

The video captured by the camera is displayed on the monitor with aspect ratio 16: 9. on the monitor, making use of the full screen. Also allows rotation in vertical of 90 degrees.

This dome incorporates infrared technology to see what the human eye can not, even in complete darkness. The camera features with 4 Led micro - IR, They provide illumination even in completely dark environments capturing video with great sharpness at a distance of up to 15 meters.

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By • 10 May, 2017
• Section: CCTV