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This device is equipped with a fully calibrated module for integration into drones that provides remote measurements of high accuracy temperature.

FLIR Vue Pro 640

Thermal imaging for drones Vue Pro R camera of FLIR Systems, forming part of its commercial series Vue with this technology, It offers radiometric functionality for these unmanned aircraft operators can save the images back to the flight analysis to accurately measure temperatures in each pixel of an image.

Vue Pro R incorporates all the features and benefits of the model standard Vue Pro, the radiometric module for remote measurements in addition to what. Images are saved in radiometric JPEG format, patented by this manufacturer, and they can be imported to the application Flir Tools (free download) for later detailed analysis and reports.

FLIR Vue Pro 640Thanks to this camera thermal imaging and to its module radiometric, operators of drones can adjust parameters such as the issuance of objects, environmental temperature, the distance to the objective, relative humidity and thermal sensitivity, as well as assign different color palettes to each image.

FLIR Vue Pro R records digital video and still images radiometric Thermographic card micro SD integrated, for application in security environments, evaluation of infrastructure, electrical inspection, Cartography of precision, etc..

Also, the company has updated an application with advanced radiometric features using the wireless interface of the camera connect to iOS and Android devices to facilitate the Setup and adjustment of the device to obtain the best image quality without having to connect the camera to a computer.

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By • 13 Jul, 2016
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