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This new generation of IP systems incorporates HDR, as well as SmartBackfill technology, that allows you to compensate for network outages without requiring an additional SD card, in addition to functions for data protection and security.

Dallmeier Picoline 5050

With the new series Dallmeier Picoline 5050, users in various industries can enjoy the performance of a camera 5 MP in a compact and very small format. Available with surface mount housing, built-in and box type. The outer diameter of the surface version is barely 93 Mm.

These IP systems are developed and manufactured entirely in Germany and are equipped with an H.265 decoder and a high-resolution image sensor that offers optimal light sensitivity, with detailed color images with memory and network efficiency, even in low-light conditions.

The HDR feature they incorporate offers much more detail in high-dynamic images than the classic digital WDR. Other special features include the combination of search and video analysis features, SmartBackfill technology to compensate for network outages without requiring an additional, fully automated SD card, and a portfolio of data protection and security features.

The dome cameras in the series 5050 are available with compact and rugged housing variants. In addition, have a fixed focus lens with a focal length of 2,5 Mm.

The recessed version is specially designed for discreet installation on false ceilings. Meanwhile, Surface mount can be discreetly installed on ceilings or walls.

Due to its particularly compact design, The boxed version is also ideal for discreet installation, such as at ATMs, and in weatherproof housings for outdoor use.

This version is available in two versions with a varifocal lens: with one has a distance of 3 To 10 mm and 12 To 40 Mm.

Fast motion capture in high resolution and HDR

High sensor resolution and image processing technology enable real-time image capture with frame rate 60 Fps (1080Q / 60) or even 30 fps with a resolution of 4 Mp.

With these features it is ideal for applications that require the capture of very fast movements in high resolution. Hdr captures each image with two special settings that combine in real time to produce a well-balanced image that provides much more detail in bright and dark areas.

Analysis and search of events

Integrated real-time video analysis uses advanced features such as intrusion detection (Intrusion Detection) o Line Crossingo to detect motion and objects in the uncompressed image.

When used with Dallmeier recording systems and customer software, The SmartFinder feature enables semi-automatic event search through quick analysis of stored objects and metadata.

Supported by Onvif (Profile S and T), cameras can be incorporated into many third-party video management systems.

Cut Compensation/Privacy and Security

The camera is equipped with a RAM (Dallmeier's SmartBackfill memory) activated in the event of a brief network outage. The video stream is transmitted and then automatically and seamlessly integrated into the recording as soon as the connection is restored.

The solutions in this series include comprehensive security features that can be flexibly adjusted to reflect each customer's requirements.

Like all Dallmeier systems, when used with the manufacturer's software and recording systems, the new Picoline cameras also offer a full portfolio of data protection and security features, from privacy masking to authentication procedures, end-to-end encryption or security gateway features. When used with third-party systems, work on the functions offered by these systems.

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By • 1 Feb, 2021
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