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Developed by this manufacturer from the H.265 standard, this new intelligent compression technology achieves this significant decrease from the extended protocol and used in 2 H.264 megapixels.

Hikvision H265plus

The R&D department of the security systems manufacturer Hikvision has met one of the market demands to reduce the bandwidth used in video image compression, with the development of H.265+ smart technology.

This technology is a new step forward from the one already made with H.265, to effectively respond and manage bandwidth when using high-resolution devices (UHD-4K, 12 megapixels and up to 8K) like the ones that already offer many cameras currently in video surveillance systems.

Hikvision H265plusH.265+ intelligent video compression technology reduces the bitrate of the video file and, Consequently, bandwidth and storage space; two essential elements so that the deployment of ultra-high-resolution network cameras can be adopted seamlessly on the market.

To show your advantages and possibilities, Hikvision has published the results of the tests carried out of this technology with Full HD network cameras in two different scenarios, turn with three different moments in terms of luminosity and movement.

To calculate the reduction in bandwidth in these tests, with a total of six different combinations, the bitrate has been measured as a result of an average decrease in 47,8% between H.264 and H.265, which increases to the 83,7% with H.265+.

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By • 10 May, 2017
• Section: Deep down, Systems control, Video surveillance