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To control the area facing the bleachers and the side cameras have been installed 4 K WV - SFV781L dome, While the vandal resistant WV-SFV631 is in charge of the smaller areas and the dome IP Full HD WV-SW598A of the inside and outside of the stadium. For operations of recording it makes use of the network system, that includes a hard drive that can be connected 32 video channels.

The SCL Tigers is a team of ice hockey whose seat is Stadium Ilfishalle, located in Langnau im Emmental. Like the rest of the members of the Swiss first Division clubs must comply with a series of regulations on the safety of the people and the building. “Operators of the stadium will have capacity to review the footage of the stands and outdoor areas, before and after the incident occurs”, explains Peter Müller, CEO of the SCL Tigers.

To respond to these requirements the club opted for the installation of a video surveillance solution based on technology from Panasonic since its 4 K cameras capture an area that is four to nine times larger than 1080 p or 720 p cameras. This feature guarantees image quality while reducing the transmission speed. A 6 x optical zoom allows you to identify objects and people clearly.

The infrastructure is composed of cameras dome 4 K WV-SFV781L, that have been installed above the bleachers of the stadium and are in charge of controlling the area opposite the steps and sides.

The full length of a Harrow can be controlled with only two cameras, While the sides and the corners where the fans are controlled by a single 4K camera.

With these devices, it is possible to capture and record up to the smallest detail. Its angle of vision provides a crystal clear definition in all areas of the image, either in the Center or at the corners. All this is possible even when there is between the camera and the audience 50 meters away. 4K technology reduces the number of cameras, as well as the resources to show and evaluate images at the point of the monitor.

WV-SFV631 vandal resistant camera equipped with Auto Back Focus function has been used to control smaller zones (ABF) and Remote Zoom, it easy installation thanks to the possibility of configuration from a laptop or PC, and DoF (Deep of Field, depth of field), that generates images defined at all times, whether flat or remote first.

To ensure the flexibility to control the indoor and outdoor area of the stadium, model WV-SW598A is used, a camera dome IP Full HD PTZ function. This camera provides an optical zoom of 30 increases and includes an IP66 vandal resistant housing. With a dynamic range of 128 increases, This equipment is suitable for generating images night and day.

With a wide range of functions, the SW598A is a smart camera that offers optimum performance even in rain conditions, snow and fog due to its capacity for analysis.

For recording operations, has implemented the model in network WJ-NV300, that includes a hard drive that can be connected 32 video channels. This device stands out for its high level of reliability and clear and intuitive graphical user interface. It allows recording live and in real time (30 FPS) on all channels.

Cameras are easy to handle and allows live monitoring tasks in different screen modes. Internal divider allows you to add an extra monitor to show all ice hockey party to general view mode.

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By • 7 Sea, 2017
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