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In this actual environment and with large number of people, Find system & Developed by Egeon Technology rescue, with the collaboration of SAMUR and technological support from crossThings, will show their advantages during the trip that their Majesties will tour the Magi from the East in Madrid.

For the first time and during the Christmas parade in Madrid 2017, that will take place the evening of the 5 January, Find emergency teams telematics management system & Rescue, developed by the Spanish company Egeon Technology, specializing in electronic solutions in the IoT environment (Internet of things) with the collaboration of SAMUR Civil Protection Madrid City and technology support of crossThings, It will put to test in this environment real.

Around thirty members of the teams of SAMUR, that the Magi from the East be distributed along the route that their Majesties will tour, they wear the PCU1216 personal monitoring device, which will enable those responsible for deployment, both from the control center on the ground, know the exact of each position in real time and thus manage your location, detect if one of them falls to the ground, remains stationary or is 'shaken', to send help quickly.

Using the portable device that carries each cash, the central coordinator of the deployment or the central know at all times the exact location of the same, which allows to show in real time the distribution field of all deployed troops, thus streamlining decision-making by those responsible for the deployment and the management.

The differential of this personal monitoring device is emitting an alarm signal when some incidents occur, as its carrier to fall to the ground, remain still for a longer time than normal, leave a certain area, etc.. other effective help and attend more quickly.

Each personal device emits real time information from its sensors to the event management platform, developed jointly with the engineering crossThings, specialized in making IoT/M2M projects and technological partner of Egeon Technology.

From this platform are processed and displayed data received on a map of the State and the location of all the troops in one or several simultaneous points, allowing you to effectively manage both from a single Center Coordinator and by the person responsible in each deployment field.

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By • 5 Jan, 2017
• Section: Case Studies, Control Systems, Events, Urban Security, Services