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The new technology reduces the bandwidth of the camera, maintaining optimal image quality and reducing storage requirements.

Avigilon It has increased the efficiency of the bandwidth of their cameras with the introduction of the MSDS SmartCodec technology. It automatically detects the levels of activity in several areas of a scene to optimize compression levels and reduce the consumption of bandwidth and storage, while maintaining a high detail of the image of the areas that most matter.

When technology MSDS SmartCodec bandwidth can be reduced up to in a 50% in comparison with standard compression H.264.

“MSDS SmartCodec technology, customers can reduce the bandwidth and storage needs, without sacrificing image detail. In combination with the Scene mode idle and High Definition Stream Management technology, Avigilon provides optimal bandwidth management through system-wide, from the camera to the server and the client", explains James Henderson, Director of sales and Marketing at Avigilon.

H4A cameras, H4 IS, H4 PTZ and H4 SL include the MSDS SmartCodec technology, and a free download firmware available for the cameras installed above.

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By • 4 May, 2017
• Section: Control Systems, CCTV