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This set of applications respond to the demand of the public safety agencies allowing control of the command center personnel have access to the information to be able to react quickly to crisis situations.

Nokia public safety

Nokia Group Communications is the new range of the company's public security solutions based on LTE which are intended to facilitate secure communications to emergency and first aid teams.

It is of a series of applications, previously integrated into a range of devices, you respond to the demand of the public safety agencies around the world of high security and high quality solutions. These tools enable groups of field workers and staff of command center control share live video connections to improve the information they possess and be able to react in any emergency situation.

Nokia public safetyCompatibility with 3G and WiFi networks guarantee a high availability of the service, even if there is no coverage of LTE network. These applications can be used with the compact Nokia network, the solution that can be deployed quickly to allow emergency and first aid teams to establish a private network in emergency situations.

He catalogue of solutions of Nokia Group Communications is aligned with the normative of the 3GPP and prepared to meet them standards of the functionality of ' press to talk ' in applications critical. This ensures compatibility with future standards that are published and any device that is available on the market in the future.

"Nokia Group Communications reinforces our global security solutions offer publishes with functionalities that will help emergency and first aid teams to react more effectively in a crisis". With new applications, as the functionality of 'press to establish a video connection', prepared for a full implementation of the standards, We can guarantee security teams public to be better informed of the situations, and in this way will improve the safety of everyone involved", explains Henri Tallon, Head of Public Sector of Nokia.


  • Platform of high capacity with 'press to establish a video connection' functionality in real time for 1.000 users active, and 'push to talk' 20.000 users active, on a single server with expandability.
  • The consoles of dispatch of orders incorporated voice, closed circuit of mobile TV and video.
  • Applications aligned with the rules of the 3GPP.
  • They offer a fast establishment of call with lower latency to 300 Ms.
  • Secure communication with encryption from end to end in the application layer.

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By • 9 Nov, 2016
• Section: Control Systems, Infrastructure, Networks, Urban Security