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Its safety solution consists of seven M16 thermal cameras, located one at each entrance of the terminal, connecting to a counter screen running MxMC. This infrastructure has made it possible to optimize passenger flow and mitigate the risks.

Mobotix at Istanbul Airport

Stambúl International Airport (Iga – Istanbul Grand Airport) was inaugurated in 2018, after the refurbishment of what had been Istanbul airport during 25 Years. The assistant, To 35 kilometers on the outskirts of the city, it has two runways and a terminal that can accommodate 90 millions of passengers. Once remodeled, from the airport it is possible to travel to more than 300 destinations with a transit of 200 millions of passengers a year.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, particularly affected the aviation sector. Airports were seen as places that lent the most particularly to the spread of the disease. The IGA had to find an efficient and practical way to minimize this risk, ensure that passengers could pass safely and continue with travel and operation.

Mobotix at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul International Airport differs from large ones in that security checks are carried out before passengers and visitors enter the terminal building.

With seven different entries, each of them has a team of security guards. In order to detect anyone entering the airport with a high fever, security personnel used handheld devices to measure the temperature of everyone who arrived. But that process was slow, ineffective and, due to the large number of people, the devices overheated and didn't work well.

Mobotix at Istanbul Airport

The IGA trined the use of different solutions, but finally decided on one of Mobotix. His choice was based on the knowledge and experience of the team, but also in the flexibility and scalability of its technology for additional applications, such as high-performance perimeter protection.

The IGA's technical team was particularly impressed by the accuracy and intelligence of thermal camera technology and its ability to meet the most critical challenges.

The aesthetic design of the terminal includes several glass screens that would normally interfere with many readings of an AI thermal camera. Unlike these, Mobotix's cameras are able to distinguish a human and his reflection, which is an important factor in working effectively on the doors of a terminal.

Mobotix at Istanbul Airport

The solution consists of seven Mobotix M16 thermal cameras, one at each entrance of the terminal. These connect to a security desk screen running MxManagement Center (MxMC). Although each camera functions as a smart, independent unit, this solution is also integrated into the airport's video management system Genetec, Mobotix technology partner, so that the airport has centralized control of all its video surveillance applications.

Cameras monitor people as they enter and identify temperature ranges. Temperature thresholds and parameters (Heat) can be customized as needed. When the system sends an alert signal as the first warning line, Security guards push the person away for further investigation of their case and perform the check with a medical temperature measuring device.

Mobotix at Istanbul Airport

They can even direct you to the airport's COVID-19 test center, dedicated to testing arriving passengers.

The use of this solution allows the airport to increase the flow of its activity and achieve a more agile operation than before. If someone has an abnormal temperature, cameras react to the moment and other passengers and staff can continue their journey or task without any interference.

The system handles huge traffic flows without slowing down or affecting performance. Mobotix's solution is part of a package of prevention measures (among others, UV disinfection, the use of masks and social distance) that the airport has launched to prevent contagion.

Mobotix at Istanbul Airport

One of the fundamental requirements of the IGA was to be able to leverage technology after the pandemic. Existing cameras will remain installed and operate as an initial fire warning system.

These can identify a potential fire hazard up to 300 meters in complete darkness and long before there is smell, smoke or you can see the fire. For example, can detect the overheating of equipment inside a unit or room and alert staff to act before it turns into a fire. They can also detect movement in the dark.

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By • 30 Oct, 2020
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