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This artificial intelligence application allows you to create groups of subjects depending on their level of similarity and carry out searches for specific patterns at high speed. Analyzes more than one million of images easy on 10 seconds.

NEC NeoFace facial recognition

NeoFace Image Data Mining (NeoFace IDM) is a software, developed by NEC, that uses the intelligence artificial (AI) to search with speed and precision objects or people in images captured by cameras of security CCTV.

NeoFace IDM can perform searches within a database of images facial and also can detect subject that appear in moments and places specific or that is found in a scene together with other individuals.

The software can be used in a variety of applications such as criminal investigations or the search for missing children.

NEC NeoFace facial recognition

NeoFace IDM combines the technology of facial recognition with Profiling Across Spatio-Temporal Data, that creates groups of subject depending on their level of similarity and leads to conducted searches of high speed for patterns specific.

This technology allows to classify objects and similar people of multiple videos according to different criteria such as time, place and behavior.

Merging both technologies is possible analyzing more than one million of images easy on only 10 seconds and detect people that seem to be similar, already is at times specific or long periods of time in a same place. After identifying it organizes the information with a structure in shape of tree, that allows the search of objects similar comparing the level of similarity of each group rather than compare the objects one by one.

“In recent years, is has produced a growing demand of tools that facilitate the analysis advanced of images captured by camera for its use in applications of safety and marketing. NeoFace IDM meets this demand, providing a high speed search, providing a great precision according to patterns specific. A level that could not be accomplished through manual searches or conventional technologies", explains Noritaka Taguma, General Manager of Transportation and City Infrastructure Division of NEC Corporation.

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By • 8 Nov, 2016
• Section: Detection, CCTV