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In the video walls installed in the Fire Department and rescue of Bouches du Rhône, powered by NEC, Matrox and Agelec, images and videos of the fire brigade fire detection cameras are displayed, aerial surveillance of forests and dome by Sony IP systems.

Matrox Bouches de Rhone SDIS

The Department of fire and rescue of Bouches du Rhône (SDIS 13) is involved in more of 115.000 annual interventions, It included 6.481 fire in 2014. The regional command center, located in Marseille (France), is responsible for overseeing the operations of 62 fire stations that provide service in much of the 5.087 square kilometers of Bouches du Rhône.

Due to the increased flow of video and data in real-time which are received in the emergency response center, the SDIS 13 I was looking for a way to optimize the management of key information to answer as soon as possible the interventions on the ground.

"Our plan was to install two murals of video to facilitate decision-making. A mural of large size for the room of action who oversee operations in progress and another of smaller size to the observation room that would allow us to focus on critical issues or manage additional crisis situations and interventions”, comments Didier Margotto, Head of the emergency response center.

Processing of the Videowall solution would have to capture and display a variety of video in both murals of video sources. Content source may include recordings of firefighters fire detection cameras, videos in high-definition aerial surveillance of forests and the cameras cameras dome IP's Sony and video conferencing.

A TV tuner input would provide the latest news and other updates. Also becoming Weather Plus weather maps and maps that show the physical characteristics and access road.

Access to hundreds of Internet resources, virtual private networks and remote computers videos data should also be easy to manage, as well as the SDIS dedicated software tools 13, as automatic fire detection systems, the alert and sending response teams, evaluation and supervision of fire, operations management, the creation of maps in 2D/3D, the location with data integration, etc..

Moreover, the installation of the control room would require a support structure tailored to these screens since they had to be mounted in a small space.

Matrox Bouches de Rhone

Installation configuration

The installation in the SDIS 13 It consists of two walls designed with screens NEC X551UN of 50 inch and a personalized support structure provided by Agelec. Includes the main 12 a configuration of 4 screens×3, While the secondary includes 4 in a configuration of 2 screens×2.

“NEC displays chosen for this project provide ultra narrow panels (5,7 mm content to content) and screens than reading quality of 50 inch of the competition”, says Jean-Michel Lanco, Director general of Agelec.

Also, These visualization solutions also integrate controllers them dual Agelec AGCWall, It incorporates PCIe cards Matrox Mura MPX to capture and view high-quality video and data from multiple sources in real time. Control Agelec AGCTouch software completes the project with a touch and intuitive interface.

“We appreciate the flexibility of having both the inputs as outputs on a single card Matrox Mura MPX, as well as the large number of formats that support. The performance of the Matrox Mura MPX cards is very high and they are easy to install. Also, they are fully compatible with our AGCTouch software”, explains Lanco.

The videowall processors were placed in an equipment room located behind the screens, along with some of the sources directly connected to Mura MPX cards. The additional resources that are beyond the equipment room are connected to the processor of the videowall using Extenders CAT6.

Agelec Matrox Mura SDIS 13

Management of the Videowall

The SDIS 13 It controls the disposition of the murals of video using a customized version of the AGCTouch of Agelec software that runs on touch screens.
With so many sources of video monitor, video wall management is important.

AGCTouch provides an easy way for the SDIS staff 13 place, Customize and extend the various content through a screen of 32 inch to control the videowall of smaller size and one of 46 for the large. The software also allows staff to check the videowall screens and other subsystems in the room with some simple defaults.

"Matrox Mura MPX input/output cards offer a universal input compatibility, which is important, given the variety of bands of base and sources of IP that we wanted to show our wall video. The solution of the murals of Agelec with Matrox Mura MPX video inside helps us to monitor the growing entry of video and data in real time, so that we can take decisions with more information and more quickly in interventions where time is crucial”, clear Margotto. “

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By • 7 Sep, 2015
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