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It is a personalized service that integrates the control and management of the different customer systems, from its alarm receiving plant (Cra), which includes CCTV cameras, alarm systems, fire and energy, in addition to video surveillance cameras and security systems installed.


The new video surveillance service as a service (VSaaS) of Tyco Integrated Fire & Security enables remote centralization and management of customer monitoring systems, integration of security systems and other services, like lighting, heating or energy.

It is tailor-made for the customer and their needs. Offers significant security improvements, facilitates the management of your resources and optimizes overall business operations, while allowing significant cost savings.

This service is part of the company's strategy for integrating the different security systems into software platforms for the management of physical security information (PSIM – Physical Security Information Management). Platforms that enable customers to comprehensively manage all their security applications in an efficient and open environment.

Tyco VideoEdge NVRTyco's VSaaS service integrates control and management of different customer systems, including controlling CCTV cameras, alarm systems, fire or energy systems, in addition to video surveillance cameras and security systems installed.

Tyco centralizes the integral control of all these elements from its alarm receiving plant (Cra), installed in their offices in the Rozas (Madrid). From here, a team of operators controls during the 24 all aspects related to the safety and management of customer facilities.

Through the VSaaS, visibility gains visibility into the entire business operation by integrating the different security systems and technologies (Cctv, anti-hurt systems, access control, perimeter protection, Etc.) with other systems, like lighting, heating and energy.

Tyco video surveillance retail sectorThis allows for a culture of operational excellence and continuous improvement in business processes, so that the integration of monitoring systems also results in optim optimization of results and cost savings.

The service allows to optimize all processes related to the monitoring and management of customer centers, which includes from the control of sensitive areas, opening and closing doors and receiving goods, until the punctuality of employees. Air conditioning and lighting systems are also monitored.

It is also possible to implement access control systems, including biometric systems and elements to more efficiently manage the capacity of the centres.

VSaaS systems also improve response times for different integrated processes and encourage continuous improvement. Moreover, the solution is easily scalable, so it allows a great capacity for growth to expand it to new centers.

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By • 13 Oct, 2016
• Section: Alarms, Access control, Systems control, Services, Video surveillance