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Visonic PowerMasterG PM360R alarm system includes video verification and warning to police. A protective solution that allows you to secure up to 64 zones and includes the Multi-Highway service.

Tyco Visonic PowerMasterG PM360R

The panel Visonic PowerMasterG PM360R Tyco includes external power supply, port of link, Internet and WiFi. It's an innovative innovative solution, Small, compact and easy to use via the touch keyboard and its retro illuminated display.

This intelligent alarm system ensures up to 64 areas allowing their monitoring and protection 24 hours from the Alarm Receiving Plant (Cra) by Tyco, with a maximum of 10 Videos.
Until 48 users can connect to this dashboard. Only works for authorized persons who are associated with the system, to get a thorough control of user activity.

If there is a communication failure between the customer's Smart Alarm Panel and the CRA, Tyco would detect any element of the system. This function, is useful in cases of sabotage as, the panel acts immediately by sending a radio frequency inhibition signal, and includes the Tyco Multi-Highway security service thanks to its WiFi connection, thus guaranteeing its reception to the CRA.

With the integration of a connection interface between devices and devices, the panel allows you to connect the router to the control. All alarm systems have protection against frequency inhibitors, what is important is the constant verification of the status of the security system and the expansion of forms of communication with the alarm receiving plant, in this case, thanks to the multi-channel connection, the system has a dual connection giving it greater security.

With Tyco's new panel, new access roads can be generated through magnetic contact, without having to completely disarm the alarm system. I mean, those who don't have access to the dashboard, you will have temporary access to a specific area. Then you would only have to assemble the system of the requested area.

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By • 31 Oct, 2017
• Section: Alarms, Systems control