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This system is at the heart of the manufacturer's Interactive Security solution for the control of business and residential environments to which it is possible to incorporate, in a scalable way, security features, automation and energy savings.

Tyco smartalarm panelMore compact in size, the new SmartAlarm panel Tyco Integrated Fire & Security, available through the company's authorized distributors, allows users to incorporate, in a scalable way, security features, automation and energy savings, both at the time of installation and subsequently.

SmartAlarm is the centerpiece of Interactive Security, this manufacturer's interactive security solution that allows you to add home automation systems, and integrates a high-security alarm with video and audio verification that allows you to control what's happening at all times, in addition to being connected 24/7 to the Alarm Receiving Plant (Cra) Tyco to provide an immediate and effective response in the event of an incident.

Communication between the customer's Smart Alarm panel and the CRA also allows to quickly detect the communication failures of any of the elements of the system (very useful in cases of attempted inhibition or sabotage), and also includes the Multi-Highway Security Service which guarantees that all incidents will be addressed by the CRA, even when the system is being sabotaged.

Interactive Security is a modular solution that allows the customer to choose between different security features, camera viewing, control of automations or energy, depending on your specific needs. Specifically,, Tyco Alert enables intelligent system control via a smartphone or tablet app.

This module incorporates video detectors with day/night image capture, a keyboard with a panic button, SOS and a coercion code. It also has a control unit with LCD keyboard that records all events, in addition to deterrent plates to put on the outside of the house.

Tyco View offers video streaming for live viewing of what's going on in business or home; on-demand video recording and cloud storage. It also facilitates the automation of actions, for example video recording every day at a certain time when children arrive, when the business opens, Etc.

The Tyco Control module manages the programming of business or residential devices, For example, by turning lights on or off at certain times. While Tyco Energy regulates the temperature of the space or turn off the heating or air conditioning system from anywhere to save energy in premises and offices.

As José González Osma points out, Tyco IF Director of Services and Residential&S, "we focus on adapting traditional security systems to the needs of users, who don't just claim security, but also control capabilities, comfort and efficiency, both for your business and for the home. This is just a first step in Tyco's commitment to the Internet of Things".

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By • 21 Jul, 2017
• Section: Deep down, Systems control