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The multinational Hikvision video surveillance and Sensor Security partner systems have completed the design and installation of a CCTV IP system to protect the perimeter and the installations of the South African vehicle manufacturer growth production plant.

Hikvision growth South Africa

Founded in South Africa in 1996, the operations of growth have always revolved around commercial freight. Whether to carry oil, chemical products, perishable goods at controlled temperature, consumer or general cargo in bulk, trailers and vehicles manufactured by growth are designed to respond to individual transportation needs of customers in all of South Africa, Middle East, Australia and United Kingdom.

All company vehicles are designed and manufactured in its large complex of Worcester, in the Western Cape of South Africa, where in addition to the large production facilities and the area of spare parts and maintenance services is located, responsible for the worldwide customer service, post sale and supply of rental units.

One of the concerns of the factory responsible for is safety and, mainly having an integrated system to monitor the perimeter of this large facility and monitor its production facilities to the unauthorized access to the floor with an IP CCTV.

GROWTH turned to the local specialist Security sensor, partner in South Africa's Hikvision, a solution designed to automate the process to secure the perimeter and eliminate the possibility of human error, In addition to deploying an infrastructure of intelligent cameras from the supplier of network video surveillance systems to monitor remote production process.

Hikvision growth South Africa

As explained by Edmund Casaleggio, responsible for sales in Sensor Security, "from the beginning we knew that the IP CCTV system had to successfully meet a dual purpose: help managers to oversee operations of the shop during opening hours and secure the perimeter 24×7. Another requirement is that this combined system was simple and easy to use by operations staff".

The complete safety system structure is composed of eighteen Hikvision IP cameras. Eleven units of the model DS-2CD4012F-A Smart have been installed around the perimeter of the factory Analitycs of 1,3 megapixel, autofocus and IP66 protection, While the workshop area with seven minidomos DS-2CD2132-I 3MP, that are managed in an NVR system of 32 channels of this provider.

"Growth participated actively throughout the process of consultation and design of the system, with suggestions on key sites of surveillance and protection, as well as with information and advice on the workflow and staff in the production plant, "what was very beneficial and one of the main factors that contributed to the success of the installation", underlines Casaleggio.

For the Sensor Security Sales Manager, "the integration of analytics with Hikvision IP cameras is a significant additional advantage, that alarms will only occur when the intrusion is within the specified range. No need to use the inputs and outputs alarm to connect passive and active on the DVR/NVR, which means a significant saving in the future of the maintenance of the system, as well as at the time of installation".

Hikvision LightFighter series

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By • 22 Sep, 2015
• Section: Case Studies, Access control, MAIN FOCUS, Intrusion, CCTV