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Equipped with AM/RFID acustomagnetic technology, Tyco Sensormatic Synergy systems prevent theft losses, allow video verification in cases of alarm, thanks to the integration of video surveillance IP cameras, and improve detection solutions.

Tyco Sensormatic Synergy

Tyco Retail Solutions, present in Europe through Tyco Integrated Fire & Security, has released the modular line of anti-hurt systems, Sensormatic Synergy. A solution that leverages the ability of a variety of connected technologies on a single pedestal to help retailers prevent theft losses and optimize in-store performance.

Synergy series maximizes investment in electronic item protection (Eas) by facilitating a migration path to RFID technology and collecting customer information, inventory and anti-hurt systems (Eas).

Tyco Sensormatic SynergySynergy range integrates acustomagnetic technologies (Am), Rfid, video and traffic control, providing crucial and practical data.

Tyco's TrueVUE information platform, allows you to analyze this data to better understand the store and optimize its performance. In addition, its data capabilities provide retailers with one of the fundamental pillars for future Internet of Things applications (We).

With a modern design, the Synergy range offers a wide variety of options and accessories that complement any retail environment.

This expandable portfolio of smart pedestals can be adapted to read RFID tags, which provides retailers with information about losses, consumer behavior and inventories.

By providing a view of the store, Synergy solution helps retailers understand when, what and how many items are stolen, and to identify patterns of storelifting and merchandise loss or to integrate video captures for analysis after theft.

The Synergy range, for its flexibility and modularity, offers various advantages to improve loss prevention in very noisy environments (with interference), video verification during alarm jumps, thanks to the integration of video surveillance IP cameras, the ability to incorporate a camera to get close-up, high-quality images during alarm jumps, improvements in metal and inhibitor detection solutions to combat organized crime, remote monitoring and management of various EAS devices in store.

Inventory data, SAA transit and interconnection of the Synergy range maximize the useful sales area; track customer visits and increase conversion rates, leveraging information from integrated traffic sensors; improve the value of EAS systems with a modular range, connected and ready for RFID technology; and manage the capacity of the EAS system, saving up to a 90% energy expenditure when there is no customer traffic, without diminishing performance.

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By • 27 Aug, 2015
• Section: Alarms, Access control, Detection, Intrusion