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Real time video detection, for security teams have more information, spend less examining images and work smarter time are the features offered by the new platform video management Exacq Tyco Integrated Fire & Security.

Tyco platform Exacq

The new platform video management Exacq represents the expansion of surveillance technology Tyco with a line of advanced video solutions that use monitoring systems for fully automated video to offer an intelligent video analysis to global companies, large corporations and retail chains.

As noted from this company, "Organizations need reliable monitoring systems to protect against various threats, as perimeter protection and facilities; prevent losses; monitor locks on emergency exits, access visits and analysis of the behavior of customers and employees ".

Tyco ExacqTo meet these needs, Tyco has applied its expertise in video solutions to provide analytical data security teams to enable them to make intelligent decisions in real time. This advanced video technology provides security personnel automatically identify threats from large volumes of data and extract useful statistical information instantly.

Among other features, this line of advanced video solutions provides automatic detection; False Alarm Reduction; identification of objects and subjects; integrated tracking goods; built-in intelligence to identify events of interest, plus remote monitoring and one screen for different platforms.

Tyco ExacqAs said Alfonso Gonzalez Blazquez, product manager of Tyco Integrated Fire & Security Iberia, "Real-time analysis reduces the risks and potential threats, while protecting the most important resource for any organization: its people, their assets and their products ".

In addition to traditional video surveillance, customers can track and identify objects, analyze motion video and extract intelligence from multiple sources. These data can trigger actions or secondary devices to increase the efficiency and reliability of their security operations, in addition to extracting useful information from the statistical analysis.

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By • 16 Jan, 2015
• Section: Control Systems