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The Spanish chain of fashion, Bags, leatherwork and bags Paco Martinez has relied on the Traffic Intelligence technology Tyco Integrated Fire & Security to optimize the performance of more than one hundred outlets in the Iberian Peninsula, as it did before with anti-theft security solutions from this supplier.

Tyco Traffic Intelligence Paco Martinez

Based in Alicante, Paco Martinez in an established chain of fashion handbags and accessories and has established itself as an international leader in the production and export of leather. On this track, its leaders entrusted the safety and security of its facilities in Spain and Portugal, composed of more than one hundred outlets, in anti-theft solutions specialist Tyco Integrated Fire & Security, provider you now have reverted to implement its Traffic Intelligence Technology.

The implemented by Tyco Paco Martinez solution consists, hardware level, BIC Sensor-1100/2300 Sensormatic, that record and all the information channel occurs within stores, which in turn is processed and interpreted by the TrueVUE Traffic Enterprise Reporting Enterprise Software and Managed Services TrueVUE this manufacturer.

Tyco BIC-1100:2300 SensormaticTyco sensors offer a complete view of trafficking in store, better analysis of the activity, Video validation functions and does not restrict the flow of customers for the establishment. Specifically, BIC-1100/2300 Sensormatic systems allow traffic count people entering, next to each other, Store in; follow multiple people simultaneously; differentiate between adults and children (no shopping carts or strollers are counted), providing accurate data under a wide range of environmental conditions, as high levels of affluence and dynamic lighting, both closed and open environments.

The software for managing all this data and generating reports for management of the company makes it easy for Paco Martinez responsible for the administration and operation of each store individually remotely from a central location. Traffic information captured by sensors Tyco to a standard server running the software TrueVUE Traffic Intelligence is sent for analysis. This process involves the consolidation of information from multiple connected devices on site, at different times of day / week / year, on buyers entering or leaving the same.

Also, facilitates the integration of traffic data with information terminals outlets (POS), loss prevention systems, inventory management software and other elements of operations and infrastructure Store, and generate reports with consolidated information for a quick response or adaptation of infrastructure and processes Store.

Tyco tiendas FJ BenjaminAs Elena explains Gallego, commercial and marketing director of Paco Martinez, "Deployed by Tyco in our stores systems provide a thorough understanding of traffic in each establishment, and are a powerful tool for Traffic Intelligence allows us to perform a detailed level of analysis and performance improvement of each ".

Tyco supports all these Traffic Intelligence solutions with comprehensive technical support service, including installation and maintenance of the devices by experienced professionals, working in the center or remotely on diagnosis and management services, to help those responsible for Paco Martinez to manage various devices implemented.

So says Ruben Garcia, director of the retail division of Tyco Integrated F&S in Spain and Portugal: "Our Traffic Intelligence technology allows Paco Martinez better understand the behavior of the buyer to analyze the effects of promotions and advertising in stores, both the traffic and the conversion. Understanding what makes a visitor into a help you make better business decisions to improve the buyer experience and increase sales by optimizing the use of resources buyer ".

The intelligence and security solutions applied to customer traffic and store management Tyco have also been applied in international luxury brands and fashion, chain and Asia FJ Benjamin (more information Digital Security Magazine).

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By • 9 Dec, 2014
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