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Interxión securiza sus data centers, VIE1 y VIE2, located in Austria, solutions with access control and fire extinguishing Tyco Integrated Fire & Security.

Data processing center

Systems access control and fire fighting Tyco Integrated Fire & Security it provides a Interxion, They allow their centers VIE1 and Austria VIE2 data are protected from various threats that may result from electrical causes or data theft. A joint solution will combine access control, biometrics and portals physical and logical security.

He data center to Interxion (Lives.1) has in Austria has 4.700 m2 and hosts key data for hundreds of companies around the world. Su second data center, Life2, will be built in phases, and it is expected to provide 5.500 more space m2 equipped and, about, 11 megawatts of power available when you are ready to 2015.

As the business continues to grow, Interxion is accountable to its customers to ensure that all data is stored in a secure environment. He has chosen technology from Tyco Retail Solutions to implement the access control system and fire fighting.

“We need a security solution that combines access control, biometrics and portals physical and logical security. Tyco's solution allows us to implement all these products and any additional functionality as needed without loss of joint management”, Martin says Madlo, Operations responsible Interxion.

Interxion Austria


The solution for access control and fire gases Tyco allow Interxion protect their data centers and VIE2 VIE1 different threats, among which include fire and electrical causes for data theft. The solution can be customized and is fully integrated.

The fire extinguishing system for gases comprises 100 containers (50 primary and 50 backup) and protects four meeting servers. Each uses LPG to Inergen lflow 300 bar, nozzle silencers HD-Protector, FAST2030 panel timer control and a stepping motor. This solution will expand this year, as crezca Interxion.

For his part, the access control systems, composed of card readers and biometric devices, will allow control who enters Interxion data centers and surrounding, including doors transformer stations, UPS rooms and air-conditioned rooms.

The initial deployment consists of 58 card readers and 6 fingerprint readers, connected 12 control panels 17 I / O cards and about 100 switches. Interxion plans to expand this system in the late 2014, going to have 67 card readers and 10 fingerprint readers connected to 13 dashboards.

"Security is a fundamental part of data center hosting, and a major concern for businesses that need to access data remotely. The team chosen by the solution ensures Interxion data center protection and highlights the dedication of the company hosted environments physically protect its customers', Rudolf comenaó Deussner, responsible for Area Sales Security Tyco Integrated Fire & Security.

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By • 26 Sep, 2014
• Section: Access control, Detection, Computer Security