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Developed for indoor and outdoor installation, the new models type bullet Q1785-LE and Q1786 - offer high level of detail in surveillance and identification thanks to its high levels of zoom and image resolution.

Axis Q1785-LE and Q1786-LE

The new generation of network cameras from high end of Axis Communications It has expanded with two powerful models - Q1785-LE-Q1786-LE, especially indicated for installations and critical environments in which levels of zoom and image quality algos are required to identify people and faces, license plate reading or identify small suspicious objects, inter alia.

In response to this demand, cameras Q1785-LE and Q1786 - incorporate a zoom 32 x, which facilitates the installation of devices to more away from the target to protect (up 260 meters) or in places where it is difficult to locate them - both interior and exterior, on poles or in dual mounting -, without diminishing the quality and detail of the image, for example in urban surveillance and traffic.

The image quality is assured with a resolution of up to 4 MP/Quad HD 1. 440p to 50/60 FPS in the case of the modeloQ1786 - LE, and up 2 MP/HDTV 1. 080p to 50/60 FPS in camera Q1785-LE.

Both devices also have IR optimized to cover up to 80 meters, especially advantageous in low light areas, and they are suitable for surveillance on roads or intersections, as well as in the overall urban environment.

In this sense, the cameras use a runner format that captures specifically vertical scenes, as long streets or perimeters, to provide a more detailed picture than would be achieved with a panoramic view.

In its external application or critical environments, the cameras can operate at temperature ranges between - 40° C to + 60° C (-40° F to + 140° F), they have rankings IP66, IP67 and Nema 4 X, as well as housing with classification IK10, and functions of electronic image stabilization, detection of impacts, profiles of scene and demisting system.

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By • 10 Dec, 2018
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