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As part of its smart strategy, Etisalat has signed an alliance with Telefónica to create a Security Operations Center that will offer advanced services to all types of cybersecurity company. This is an agreement that strengthens the company and signed by both in 2011.

Etisalat Telefónica agreement

Etisalat and Telefónica have signed an agreement in the field of information security that will allow both companies to collaborate in the development and implementation of a Security Operations Center (SOC) in UAE (WATER) equipped with the latest technology. The center will offer a wide range of cybersecurity services to organizations of all types and is part of Etisalat's smart strategy to ensure the infrastructure of public and private IT Nation.

As part of this agreement, Etisalat will boost its portfolio of managed services through some of the most advanced technology platforms, provided by Telefónica. Some of these services provide the operator, as threat detection, Vulnerability Management, Industrial security and anti-fraud, will help to address the constantly evolving threats that threaten the UAE and eliminate knowledge gaps in security that currently exist in the country.

EtisalatThis partnership is another step in the collaboration between Etisalat and Telefónica, after signing the strategic agreement signed in 2011.

"Etisalat has a strong commitment to meet the growing security needs of organizations in the UAE and aims to help them become a Smart environment. This alliance with Telefónica will offer our customers more secure and intelligent managed security services, and cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. The security operations center that will be born from this collaboration will provide security, monitoring and advanced access 24×7 correlation services threat intelligence ", Let señalado Abdullah Hashim, SVP Digital Services Etisalat.

For his part, Oliver Martinez, Security Director for Telefónica Group companies, explained that this collaboration will connect Dubai and Madrid SOCs "improve the effectiveness of the security services and the identification of new threats and vulnerabilities that affect our clients. The agreement highlights the role of telecommunications in the complete management of security and data integrity and customer operations. The agreement demonstrates the capabilities and advanced technologies Telefónica in the field of digital security intelligence and confirms our commitment to become a company of digital telecommunications ".

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By • 25 June, 2014
• Section: Detection, Equipment test, Infrastructure, Business, Computer Security, Services