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The drone management platform, you just filed, makes it easier for these devices to fly autonomously from anywhere on the planet, for which it includes navigation systems such as sensors, vision tools and artificial intelligence.

Telefonica drone management

Telephone has made known its drone management platform that will facilitate the use and the different applications that drones can provide in the field of company security.

The presentation of the new platform took place during the day: "Drones, the future of security", organized by the company, through its subsidiary Security Engineering (Tis) of the Telefónica Tech division, with the aim of clarifying the new European regulatory framework and the future use of these devices.

This was supported by top leaders of the State Aviation Safety Agency (Aesa) and the Ministry of the Interior, as well as representatives of the National Police and Civil Guard Corps.

Telephone, together with representatives of the Ministry of the Interior, noted the advantages of using drones in both the public and private sectors, And, Especially, in the field of security, in addition to highlighting how this technology can facilitate surveillance efforts at the operational level, facility maintenance, automated tactical operations and process improvement, among others.

During the event, safety use cases were explained and the innovative autonomous drone management platform was presented.

The functional tool provided by Telefónica together with its technology partner, Allows, through the management platform, that a fleet of drones can fly autonomously from anywhere geographical on the planet. To do this, has different navigation systems, Sensors, guidance systems and vision and artificial intelligence tools. These devices are capable of performing operations in hard-to-reach remote areas.

Conducting a demonstration during the encounter with a real drone flight simulating a search and rescue operation, demonstrated the capabilities of the emergency management and control solution, system currently under implementation in Austria through technology partner Unmanned Life.

With the participation of members of the Global System Against Drones (Century – Cd) Ministry of the Interior and the Secretary of State for Security, the importance of using robust communications was valued, safe and stable, such as those provided by Telefónica and its 5G network, in the use of drones, within the future of the security sector, and how this technology integrates, Improving, facilitating and optimizing not only security but the operation of institutions and companies.

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By • 16 Feb, 2021
• Section: Systems control, Detection, Video surveillance