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No configuration required, adapted to customer need are the main defining features of CLVR, the world's first video analytics service based on 'the cloud' developed by Panasonic to help companies optimize their video surveillance tasks.

Panasonic Cameramanager CVLR

CVLR, which refers to the English term clever, is part of the subscription to Panasonic Cameramanager and helps companies optimize their video surveillance tasks through an alarm system and intelligent storage through 'the cloud', whose first function presented under this brand is CLVR Detection, as the company has announced during Ifsec 2014.

As Tijmen Vos explains, Chief Operating Officer of Panasonic Cloud Management Service Europe, "the most modern daytime security cameras integrate some form of motion detection. The problem that usually arises in motion detection is that the user gets too many irrelevant notifications or gets too few notifications. CLVR Detection significantly increases the proportion of valid and useful notifications received by the user".

Cameras connected to the Panasonic Cameramanager application running CLVR are able to send relevant notifications when, For example, customers enter a store or when a car accesses a car park.

Panasonic Cameramanager CVLR

CLVR is the result of the collaboration of the TNO International Research Institute, who has provided the algorithms; R&D company Vicar Vision, responsible for manipulating the algorithm and optimizing it for the cloud, Panasonic Cameramanager, that has turned the algorithm into a 'cloud-based' video analytics solution capable of detecting relevant movements of people or objects and triggering alarms. This project has also had a grant from 200.000 euros from the Small Business Innovation Research project (Sbir).

This service is aimed at both SMEs and large companies interested in making the most of their surveillance solution. "We wanted to give SMEs access to superior video surveillance features, activated by intelligent analyses instantly accessible from mobile devices and computers," Tijmen Vos-. The next step will be to include monitoring people's movements and reporting in your Cameramanager subscription. Major retail firms already use this kind of information".

The marketing of CLVR will begin from the 1 July within Cameramanager's Business and Professional plans, and the first deployment will take place in Benelux, as part of the Cameramanager go all-in-one video surveillance solution!

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By • 24 Jun, 2014
• Section: Detection, Services, Video surveillance