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The Panasonic WV-ASE205 program updates the current WV-ASM200 incorporating new features that optimize IP video surveillance in low light environments or extreme weather conditions.

Panasonic WV-ASM200E

The new software management and operations Panasonic, WV-ASE205, incorporates three technologies that come to improve surveillance in low light, extreme weather and low-light environments.

The WV-ASE205 updates the current program management software for IP solutions WV-ASM200 Panasonic in order to further enhance the visibility of the video surveillance systems.

Panasonic WV-ASM200EThe system of tonal-spatial correction adjusts the brightness and contrast of each target area, making visible those images that were previously hidden by shadows.

Noise reduction associated with conditions of snow to filter these elements of the image and function adjusts the frame multiframe synthesis to generate a single image with sharp. The WV-ASE205 software also offers the ability to select the required parameters according to the local environment and weather conditions.

"The new extension ensures accurate recording of images with great clarity. It is an economical method to improve the current security systems without losing detail ", Gerard explains Figols, Marketing Manager of Panasonic security products.

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By • 27 May, 2014
• Section: Computer Security, CCTV