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The new IP cameras and mini-domes Samsung Techwin has added to its range offer recognized WiseNetIII resolution 3 megapixel image quality, even with minimal lighting levels and ultra-fast frame.

Samsung Techwin SNO-7084R

Samsung Techwin has added six new models of IP video surveillance, cameras and mini-domes, to its WiseNetIII range, Day / Night function to record color images with high quality, even when light levels are only 0,1 luxury ,at a frequency of ultrafast box 30 FPS to 2,048×1.536p.

Especially designed for the small comercioy the education and health sectors, and for any environment where quality images necessary to serve as expert evidence as airports are, ports, parking lots and other transportation facilities, these cameras use technology Onvif certified P-Iris, that optimizes the clarity and depth of field.

Tim Biddulph, product manager of security solutions division of Samsung Techwin Europe, noted that the company "can now offer a family of IP cameras and mini-domes network 1,3/ 2 and 3 megapixel jointly offer our customers the flexibility to specify the most suitable model HD to meet the individual requirements of each location ".

Samsung Techwin SND-7084R

The new models have joined the range WiseNetIII have an extension of enhanced dynamic range that, with superior performance to 120 dB, allows you to monitor areas such as receptions and lobbies where there may be a very intense and large windows external lighting.

All devices, that use the H.264 compression method and include the option of using MJPEG compression, incorporate the role of multistream, for users to cut and highlight areas of interest so that the camera will only send pictures that are inside that area, with the resolution and the frame rate desired. If necessary it can simultaneously transmit a complete image, and the multiple cuts around the viewing area with flexible resolution and frame rate of the video, allowing a more intelligent and efficient use of network bandwidth available.

Other technologies that incorporate is the intelligent video analysis (VAT) to detect activity through different media such as, for example, Face Detection, integrity controller, address detection / out, appearance and disappearance of objects and scene change tampering, which creates an alert if paint is sprayed on the lens or unauthorized change its normal field of vision movement occurs.

Samsung Techwin SNB-7004

Alternatively, the motion sensing technology built into the DSP chipset WiseNetIII can significantly reduce the number of false alarms to learn what is normal movement in a scene and ignore, for example, the leaves of the trees waving.

The digital image stabilization (DIS), correcting the effects of vibration, and fog function, that can be used to improve the clarity of those images that have been captured during adverse weather conditions such as rain, humor on Niebla, are other characteristics. An integrated SD memory card slot, SDHC and SDXC gives authorized users the opportunity to access and download, remotely, Videos that have been recorded in the memory card.

"New models WiseNetIII 3 megapíxeles-subraya Biddulph- born to respond to identified needs in our market research program, has identified what users and installers considered 'essential' features for IP network cameras HD automatically become the preferred choice when a new video surveillance system is specified or when you upgrade an existing. So incorporate a long list of innovative features that reflect our commitment to continuously improve the image quality, managing the bandwidth and the ease of use: the three pillars of our development plan ".

The six models of network range WiseNetIII 3 megapixels are: network cameras SNB-7004 and SNO-7084R (IR bullet resistant type model outdoors) minidomes and SND-7084; model IR weatherproof SND-7084R; The SNV-7084 vandal version and model IR Vandal SNV-7084R.

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By • 22 May, 2014
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